Can Influencer Marketing Quench Your "Digital Content" Shortage? 3 Amazing Use-Cases

Tue Aug 29 2017
Customer Stories

According to Newscred, "The average person consumes 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase". 

As marketers we’re always looking for more testimonials, narratives, graphics, and customer stories. You can never have enough. And why is that? Because the process of generating them will alwaysbe cumbersome. In fact, if you think about your normal content-creation process, it’s basically a long journey to figure out what people want to hear and how to say it.

Influencer Marketing is the most genuine and authentic way to relate to your customers. But could it also be a credible content generation machine that can quench your digital marketing shortage? 

The results seem to point to yes. 

When you use influencers to promote your brand, they go through a process of storytelling that very closely mirrors what you might do in-house. However, because influencers are so keyed into what their audience want to hear, what they create is often far more authentic and therefore engaging than brand-directed content. In this article, we’ll explore how to fit influencer marketing into your content strategy and share 3 amazing examples of brands re-purposing influencer generated content (IGC) and how you can copy them with devastating effect!


Here are 3 examples of how brands repurpose influencer generated content:

1. Paid advertisements:

In a world where consumers are exposed to hundreds of advertisements per day, relevance and authenticity is key to generating engagement in paid advertisements. Unfortunately, authentic content is almost impossible to reproduce in a professional studio. Not to mention the fact that studios cannot keep up with advertisers’ demand for large amounts of content. 

This is why brands are turning to influencer marketing to produce high quality, engaging content to increase conversions on their ads. 

In fact, 57% of advertisers indicated that influencer content either somewhat or greatly outperforms brand created content.

Here's an example of Five Four, a monthly subscription box for men's clothing, using influencer generated content to run more effective Facebook ads:


2. eCommerce websites:

A study by Twitters reveals that, 40% of people admit to buying an item after seeing it used by an influencer. For this reason, user generated content is not enough. Many brands are turning to recognizable, yet authentic influencers to showcase their products on their websites.

7 For All Mankind, a high-end denim brand, uses curated influencer generated content in the "inspiration" section of their website to show off their apparel on real consumers.  Each image features links to the products. Pages like this receive high amounts of engagement and conversions because consumers shopping your site can see your products demonstrated on inspriational, yet real people. 


3. Social media:

In a survey, 95% of users aged 18-34 admit to following a brand on social media. Social media followers are probably some of a brand's most engaged consumers, even if they have not yet made a purchase.

IGC is is a great way to boost engagement on social media. In fact, influencer-generated content on social media earns more than 8x the engagement rate of branded content. 

Powerbar is an example of a brand that uses influencer generated content in addition to professional images on their Instagram page.


For all of these use-cases, It's important to note, if you work directly with influencers we highly recommend speaking with them about a licensed agreement or usages rights to retain ownership of their images and videos for marketing purposes. 

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your influencer content!

The truly beautiful thing about doing this is that it’s not only a great infusion of fresh ideas, but it’ll reduce your overall content creation costs too. Influencer marketing is its own demand-generation channel which by its nature already pays for itself, and yet leaves you with stacks of new photos, testimonials, narratives, tweets, and more, that are waiting to be repuropsed. They’re high quality and cheaper by a wide margin.

In fact …

By using influencers, brands can create content that's 75% cheaper than traditional studio photoshoots with even higher performance.

Content creation is a colossal hidden benefit to influencer marketing. Once you start your program you’ll have created a content generation network made up of influencers hard at work promoting your brand with authentic, valuable, user-tested marketing materials that can then empower your regular operations.

And maybe, if you do it well enough, one day you’ll utter the phrase, “Stop the presses! I have too much great content!"

But probably, you won’t, because it’s of such incredible quality that you’ll never want to turn it off. 


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