State of Influencer Marketing Webinar

We produced a report followed by this webinar that leverages AspireIQ internal data and surveys to keep up with the maturing influencer marketing industry.

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The State of Influencer Marketing

An Analysis of the Social Media Ecosystem in 2019

Break Through the Noise With Personalized Content

An actionable framework to sourcing high quality, personalized content at scale.

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

Absolutely everything you need to go to get started with influencer marketing on Instagram

Case Studies

Icon Fitness

How a company in a competitive space leverages influencer generated content to acquire new customers and freshen their look

Aura Frames

How a fast growing company leveraged AspireIQ Managed Services to scale influencer content that attributed to 20% of sales

Makeup Eraser

How a Sephora top-selling brand produces 10x the amount of content without increasing their marketing budget


How Much To Pay An Influencer
Best Practices

A guide on how much brands should be paying influencers for collaborations based on social platform, engagement rate, and more

How to Get More Out of Influencer Generated Content
Repurposing Content

Brands struggle to keep up with consumers' demand for personalized creative. But, could you be sitting on a content goldmine?

How Influencer Content Increases Facebook Ads ROI
Facebook ads

Facebook requires a wide variety and volume of content to remain relevant. That is why IGC is the perfect solution to fuel ads

1 Pagers

How AspireIQ Automates Influencer Marketing

How AspireIQ software helps brands save 20+ hours per week on influencer marketing

Maximize Your Instagram Followers

Four tried and true tips to help you increase and retain Instagram followers

Solution Comparisons

Comparing costs and time savings of influencer marketing solutions including platforms, in-house teams and agencies

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