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Forrester names AspireIQ a 'Leader' in Influencer Marketing Solutions

AspireIQ named a “leader” & “boasts best all-around current offering” among influencer marketing solutions by independent research firm.

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Create infinite pieces of content with our influencer product. Build, streamline, and manage large-scale influencer programs, and repurpose that content across channels for higher engagement.


Bring your relationships to new heights with our community product. Discover your biggest enthusiasts — including customers, ambassadors, affiliates, and more — and nurture long-lasting relationships to build brand love.


We’re in this together. Our full-service solution lets our experts do the heavy lifting to optimize your community for brand building and storytelling, while giving you full transparency into every step of the process.

Jasmine Duarte, Influencer Marketing Manager at John Paul Mitchell Systems

Why Paul Mitchell invests in brand community

“AspireIQ empowers us to engage our community by pairing expert strategy with an advanced technology platform… to help us maximize our brand impact and growth.”

Partners & integrations

Excellent partners, exceptional results

We partner with the best of the best, including Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. As a result, you get the most trusted and powerful solution out there.

Your brand community efforts, amplified

Generate authentic content at scale

Win over customers with personalized creative. Collaborate with photographers, artists, writers, and like-minded creatives within your community to shape your brand’s voice. Then, repurpose that content across organic and paid social, emails, offline ads, your website, and more.

Drive brand awareness

Customers can do much more than shop. They can prop up your brand and increase awareness by playing a critical role in growing your community. Empower the people already excited about your brand to influence their friends, family, and colleagues.

Boost engagement & retention

It’s more cost-effective to retain existing customers than gain new ones. Protect your customer acquisition investment by engaging the people who already care about your brand. By identifying loyal customers in your community, you can drive additional sales and fuel loyalty.

Improve your products

Customer insights are more powerful than your team’s gut. Understand your community’s needs and their unbiased feedback. Then, tune into customer preferences and act on those learnings to create a brand customers truly identify with.

Maximize your sales

Make your community a part of your revenue team. Leverage your loyal customers to increase purchases via word-of-mouth referrals, affiliate links, influencer promotions, and boosted ad content.

Essential resources to shape your strategy

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Forrester names AspireIQ a marketing ‘leader’

Forrester Report

Learn how AspireIQ leads the pack with a robust audience analysis and automated contracting capabilities.

Breaking through the noise with content


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