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Join the world's best brands using the most powerful influencer relationship management and discovery platform.

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What You Get

The Ultimate Influencer Database

Search hundreds of thousands of influencers based on keywords, hashtags, mentions, demographics filters and more

Customized Influencer Recommendation Engine

Find the right influencers for any campaign with our machine-learning powered recommendation engine

Send Invites with a Single Click

Easily send automatically customized & optimized invites to hundreds of influencers. Say goodbye to writing cold emails!

Best-in-Class Influencer Relationship Management

Every relationship is automatically grouped into stages, making it clear which influencers need what action

Seamless Communications

Get content faster by communicating with thousands of influencers at once via mass messaging, chat, and SMS

Workflow Automation

Save dozens of hours by automating tasks such as payment, content reviews, sending contracts, smart reminders, term sheets and more

Automated Results Tracking

Track results from start to finish in real-time including purchases & other conversations

Campaign Dashboard

Get valuable data in an easy to use dashboard that makes reporting campaign results a breeze

Data-driven Insights

Make better decisions by seeing which influencers & content are driving the strongest ROI

Share Content with Your Team

Become a content hero by sharing massive amounts of influencer generated content with your entire team

Easily Manage Content

Easily access and organize your influencer generated content in one central repository

Export Content Anywhere

Share content with your entire marketing team via shared drive syncing, channel integrations and more

And Much More

The Platform
Collaboration Fees
Unlike our competitors, none of our plans include transaction fees to you or the influencer.
No FeesNo FeesNo Fees
Active Campaigns
Campaigns are how brands organize their influencer program, which can be broken down by different products, networks, influencer types and more.
User Logins1410
Content Library
Dedicated Success Manager
Influencer Discovery & Search Engine
Unlimited Influencer Relationships
Influencer Search Engine
Influencer Audience Demographics
Influencer Recommendation Engine
Require Facebook OAuth for Proposals
Favorites Lists
Post-Level Impressions Data
Enterprise-Grade Influencer Relationship Management
Single-Click Invites
Automated Proposals
Influencer Pricing Recommendations
Digital Term Sheets
Content Review
Automatic Post Tracking Across Networks
Exportable CSV of Relationship Data
Team Organizational Tools
Assign relationships to individual users, control access permissions.
Automatic Messages & Reminders w/ Custom Logic
Set up messages to send automatically to influencers based on certain stages + activity.
Mass Invites
Send Custom Contracts & Track Signatures via HelloSign
White Labeled Creator Signup
Automated Campaign Analytics
Engagement Measurement
Traffic Driven
Follower Attribution
Comment Sentiment
Top Performing
Export Campaign Analytics
Customizable Media Value & ROI Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

How many influencers can I work with?

All of our plans give you access to an unlimited number of influencers. Unlike most platforms, your cost is the same no matter how many influencers you work with.

Do you charge a fee based on what the influencers are paid?

No. Unlike other platforms, we charge only for the software that helps you scale your influencer program.

How many influencers are on your platform?

We have hundreds of thousands of influencers around the world and across social networks available to work with on our platform. In addition, you can easily onboard any existing influencer community, into AspireIQ.

Can I run a test campaign on AspireIQ before signing up?

AspireIQ is meant for brands who are looking to scale up their influencer marketing efforts, not test out influencer marketing. If you're just getting started with influencer marketing we'll be happy to give you suggestions on starter platforms.

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