Work with 10x the Influencers in Half the Time

AspireIQ streamlines influencer discovery, management, and analytics, making it easy to build authentic influencer relationships at scale.

Platform Overview

Influencer Search and Discovery

Recommendation Engine Powered by AI

Our machine learning algorithms analyze millions of influencer posts to suggest the perfect influencers for each campaign.

Search Millions of Influencers

Looking for mom influencers in the Midwest? Find niche influencers by searching millions of posts for any keyword, hashtag or mention, with dozens of filters. Or use our visual search engine to find influencers that share a similar aesthetic.

Invite With a Single Click

Tired of writing hundreds of cold emails? Send auto-optimized invite emails with the click of a button, along with customized email sequences to improve your response rate.

Influencer Relationship Management

The Smarter System of Record

Every relationship is automatically grouped by collaboration stage and moved through a repeatable process so you and your team always know where everything stands.

Genuine Relationships at Scale

Gain hours of your time back. AspireIQ automates tedious tasks like payment, contracts, negotiations, product tracking, content reviews and more, so you can focus on building authentic relationships directly with each influencer via chat & SMS.

Custom Workflow Automation & One-to-Many Functionality

Streamline communications to hundreds of influencers with features like custom groups, tracking contract signatures, mass-messaging and sending automated reminders & messages based on custom logic.

Customer Story

How Aaptiv Moves Beyond Traditional Influencer Marketing

"We worked with hundreds of influencers, not just for the connections they had with their own audiences, but also because they bring their own stories and experiences to the content that powered almost all of the advertising we do on paid social."

End-to-End Influencer Analytics

Track Everything on a Single Dashboard

Automatically track impressions, engagement, traffic, content value and even sales conversions using our custom tracking pixel.

Measure Your True Influencer ROI

A beautiful dashboard to measure your ROI based on our comprehensive earned media value calculation and automatic reports you can share about the performance of every campaign.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Highlight top performing posts and influencers as well as export any of your data to 3rd party platforms.

Content Library

A Single Hub of Influencer Content

Arm every marketing channel and function with massive amounts of high quality, high performing content.

Works With Your Existing Tools

Content Library syncs automatically with tools like Google Drive, allowing you to focus on getting more content, not responding to one off requests.

Automatic Tagging and Categorization

Every piece of content is automatically tagged by our AI image recognition software allowing text keyword search of images.

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