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Social Media Manager

Shelby Jacobs

“We noticed that when we work with an influencer's agent or through an agency, it takes 5x as long to get stuff done. It’s so painful, and it takes so much longer. We like to work directly with influencers, and AspireIQ allows us to do that.”

Mike Majlak

Marketing Manager, Lovesac

"Using AspireIQ gives you the efficiency to scale up your influencer program and turn it into something that generates real returns"

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Nick Deyo

Senior Social Media Manager

“It used to take us 20 hours just for 1-2 partnerships when I was running the process without AspireIQ.”

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Tricia Teschke

Brand Director, Bouqs

"The content we share should feel human and authentically connected to that moment. That is why influencers are a big part of our content strategy.”

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Elexsis McCarthy

CCO and Co-Founder, Makeup Eraser

"AspireIQ gives brands the ability to easily get content without having to hire a photographer or videographer–its a massive saving for the brand.”

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Hoda Abdulla

Social Media Manager, Pierre Fabre

“Before AspireIQ, it took us three months just to get boxes shipped out. The worst part was, we only got 11 posts out of all that work!”

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Nicole Rohrer

Senior Marketing Manager, iHerb

“AspireIQ has helped us save time, money and energy. Being able to filter through influencers by specialty topics and having the right platform to do this is huge for us.”

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