Create Custom Content For Every Marketing Channel

Every consumer touchpoint should be personalized, is your creative?

Why Influencer Generated Content?

Low Cost, High Volume

Building a creator community allows you to generate hundreds of creative assets for the cost of a single photo shoot.

Authenticity Drives Performance

Relevance is the key to winning online and influencers excel at creating engaging content for every channel.

Diverse Content for Every Audience

Don’t limit yourself to one idea. Have hyper-personalized content that appeals to the right audience, on the right channel.

Customer Story

Turn Influencers Into Your Content Engine

See how Aura Frames leveraged influencers to generate high performing video and images for paid social ads that attribute to 20% of sales.

With AspireIQ, You Can:

Streamline Your Workflow & Improve Efficiency

AI Powered Image Search

Upload any image and our AI will find creators that make similar content– giving you more focused results, faster. Or, not sure what you want? Filter through millions of content creators by any metric to find people that will resonate with your audience.

Content library

Easily access, organize and share all of the content you're sourcing from creators. Automatically applied Smart Tags allow you to quickly search through creative while Google Drive integration allows your entire team to find the exact image they need.

Built-In Usage Rights

No more back and forth with your legal team. Automatically granted usage rights allow you to repurpose content in any marketing channel.

Content Performance Dashboard

Go beyond social media performance and track content performance across every channel including influencer audiences, your owned social media channels, paid ads, email, website, and more.

Custom Content and Video Production

Create affordable direct response video at scale for mobile, Instagram Stories, native desktop and everywhere else. Our team can fully produce, shoot, and edit bespoke video content with unlimited production of commercial assets.

“The content we share should feel human and authentically connected to that moment. That is why influencers are a big part of our content strategy.”

–Tricia Teschke, Brand Director at Bouqs

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