Gear Up For Your Next Campaign With These 5 Up-and-Coming Tech Influencers

Wed Jan 23 2019
Jenn Kim
Up-and-Coming Influencers

We live in a high-tech world and there’s no sign of slowing down any time soon. With brands coming out with new gadgets and apps every day, many people struggle to keep up with the industry.

Lucky for us, tech influencers have emerged with their specialized knowledge and expertise to dish out updates on the latest products and trends. Partner with these five up-and-coming tech influencers to take your next campaign to the next level!

@jessicanaziri - 27.3k followers

Jessica is a tech reporter turned entrepreneur, who now runs TechSesh. Her content not only empowers women in tech, but also informs people about the latest gadgets, social media news, and even the inner workings of corporate giants, such as Apple and Google. In the past, she has teamed up with brands like Mint and Turbo.

Key features:

  • • Perfect fit for: mobile apps and futuristic electronics
  • • Most mentioned brands: Dell, Create Cultivate, and Zagg
  • • Audience location: Los Angeles, New York City, and London - 30.8k followers

Josh is a videographer and photographer from the Bay Area. His content includes cinematic travel videos, product reviews, and stunning photos of his wife Ericka and their dog. He has previously partnered with brands such as Pandora, Bose, and Furbo Dog Camera.

Key features:

  • • Perfect fit for: camera equipment, music products, and dog-related technology
  • • Audience location: United States and Brazil

@codergirl_ - 68.9k followers

As a software engineer working in New York City, Laura is an expert when it comes to computer science and other tech related things. On her blog, she not only provides cyber security help, developer productivity tips, and career-related advice, but she also sells funny tech t-shirts! Some of her past collaborations have been with brands such as Intel and AT&T.

Key features:

  • • Perfect fit for: futuristic electronics, computer tools, and smartphone games
  • • Most mentioned brand: Bose

@guiruch - 81.3k followers

Guillaume is a tech and travel content creator from Lyon, France. As a Sony Alpha Ambassador, he takes breathtaking photos of the places he visits and the people he meets. Previously, he has worked with brands such as DJI Global and EasyJet.

Key features:

  • • Perfect fit for: camera equipment, travel companies and goods, and luxury cars
  • • Most mentioned brands: DJI Global and Peugeot

@codingblonde - 50.4k followers

Masha is a former Google employee and an entrepreneur. She is passionate about empowering women in tech and making tech more fun and accessible through content on her Instagram,YouTube and blog. She uses her platform to showcase incredible women in tech, highlight new exciting technologies and share career advice. Masha has collaborated with Facebook, Philips, Netgear and eBay in the past.

Key features:

  • • Perfect fit for: exciting new technologies, software for entrepreneurs and promoting diversity
  • • Most mentioned brands: Philips and Google

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