6 Up-and-Coming Fitness Influencers Perfect for Your Summer Campaign

Wed May 16 2018
Terilyn Walker
Up and Coming Influencers

Source: @blissedhappiness

Summer is almost upon us and you know what that means— goodbye sweater weather and hello fun in the sun! As brands prepare their influencer campaigns featuring beaches and bikinis, and consumers work towards their perfect summer bod, keep in mind that everyone is looking for some #fitnessinspo on their Instagram feed.

Let's face it, Instagram has become very saturated, and its easy for micro-influencers to get lost in the sea of online content. As a result, brands targeting a health conscious audience may be struggling to find fresh fitness influencers for their summer campaigns. As usual, AspireIQ has you covered. Here are six up-and-coming fitness influencers along with their Instagram statistics, favorite brands, and audience insights—pulled straight from the AspireIQ database.


@blissedhappiness - 15.5k followers

Karina Blackwoon, a NYC-based yoga instructor, has a beautifully curated feed featuring health, beauty and wellness content. Karina has worked with brands including Secret Wood, Ideal Fit, Yoga Club, and Trophy Skin.

• Perfect fit for: organic beauty, yoga wear, and organic tea brands

• Most mentioned brand: Alo Yoga

• Audience location: 25% located in NYC

• Audience interests:

  • • 51.5% fitness & yoga
  • • 49.1% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • • 45.2% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 44.8% travel, tourism & aviation

@kerispilatesroom -117k followers

Mother, wife and yoga instructor Keri is no stranger to partnering with brands that she knows and loves. In fact, she is one of AspireIQ’s power users. She creates adorable content for brands such as Yoga Club, Avene and Boody Wear, and many more.  

• Perfect fit for:  baby clothes, yoga wear, and family friendly brands

• Most mentioned brand: Lululemon

• Audience interests:

  • • 58.0% fitness & yoga
  • • 54.3% friends, family & relationships
  • • 46.5% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 42.6% toys, children & baby

• Audience brand affinity: Starbucks and Nike

@jonvenus -127k followers

Jon is a Europe-based fitness influencer, but his audience is primarily based in the United States. His content often features his pregnant wife, @kathrine_moen, who also creates health-based content on Instagram.

• Perfect fit for: Plant based food brands, gym clothing and family friendly brands

• Most mentioned brands: Gymshark and Veggie Grill

• Audience locations: LA, NYC, and London

• Audience interests:

  • • 73.0% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 61.1% healthy lifestyle
  • • 55.5% fitness & yoga
  • • 47.4% friends, family & relationships

@yogi_goddess - 55k followers

Phyllicia is a NYC based yogi and crystal lover who makes beautiful content that promotes mindful living. She has created beautiful content for brands including HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, iHerb, and many more.

• Perfect fit for: yoga clothing, accessories brands, and wellness supplement brands

• Most mentioned brand: Alo Yoga

• Audience interests:

  • • 57.0% fitness & yoga
  • • 51.9% friends, family & relationships
  • • 49.8% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 47.1% healthy lifestyle

• Audience brand affinity: AcroYoga

@Anagoesfit - 21.2k followers

Ana is a vegan fitness blogger who shares recipes, workouts and healthy lifestyle tips with her growing audience in both English and Spanish. She has worked with brands such as Perfect Bar and Purple Carrot.

• Perfect fit for: vegan food, at home workouts, and gym clothing brands

• Most mentioned brands: Whole Foods and Reebok

• Audience locations: Boston, NY and LA

• Audience interests:

  • • 69.3% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 62.2% healthy lifestyle
  • • 61.1% fitness & yoga
  • • 47.7% travel, tourism & aviation

@clairepthomas - 167k followers

Claire is a former D1 athlete, fitness enthusiast and Influencer Program Manager at Love Your Melon with a fast-growing following of her own. Because she manages influencer relationships at her day job, she knows the ins and outs of influencer marketing. She has worked with brands including Sweet Sweat, Perfect Bar, and NordicTrack.

• Perfect fit for: gym clothing, gym shoes, and pre/post workout snack brands

• Most mentioned brand: Love Your Melon

• Audience interests:

  • • 52.1% fitness & yoga
  • • 46.3% friends, family & relationships
  • • 43.5% restaurants, food & grocery
  • • 35.3% sports

• Audience brand affinity: Nike and Adidas

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