The State of Influencer Marketing 2019

We produced a report that leverages AspireIQ internal data and surveys to keep up with the maturing influencer marketing industry

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Why Influencer Marketing Is the Future of Gen Z Engagement

How to win and keep Gen Z’s attention — without burning a hole in your marketing budget.

The State of Influencer Marketing

An Analysis of the Social Media Ecosystem in 2019

Break Through the Noise With Personalized Content

An actionable framework to sourcing high quality, personalized content at scale.

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

Absolutely everything you need to go to get started with influencer marketing on Instagram

How Much to Pay an Instagram Influencer

We've analyzed our data to show you how much to pay Instagram influencers based on factors like content quality, age, and more.

Influencer Generated Content is Key To Facebook Ads Success

To produce enough high-quality content, many brands are turning to influencers for a solution

In-House Vs. Agency: Choosing a Solution

Determine the influencer marketing solution that makes the most sense for your brand's budget, KPIs and goals.

7 Steps to Negotiating with Influencers

It's now more possible than ever for brands and influencers of all types and sizes to form mutually beneficial relationships.

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Influencer Content

How smart marketers are supercharging everything from paid ads, website, emails, social media and more.

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