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How to plan, build, and execute effective influencer marketing programs

Calling all social media managers, marketers, business owners, and other executives. After completion, you'll be able to take tried and true insights and apply them directly to your own influencer marketing program.

10 interactive lessons packed with influencer marketing tips, tricks and best practices.


Defining Your Objectives

Whether you just want to get your feet wet or dive in head first, your decision to try your hand at influencer marketing is a great one! The brands that are already implementing influencers marketing strategies are seeing returns of up to $6.50 in media...


Building Your Strategy

As marketers, we’re always testing creative ways to acquire new customers. We know how important it is to build solid strategies before launching each campaign–yet many of us aren’t taking the same time and effort when it comes to building influencers...


Buy-In and Budget

Influencer marketing is now the fastest growing online customer acquisition method. You are already on the leading edge of the curve if you’re one of the 67% of marketers who plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year...
Use the lessons below to learn how to plan, build, and execute an effective influencer marketing program from A to Z.


Creating Campaigns

Influencer marketing. It’s trendy, it’s effective, and many brands are doing it. You’ve decided you want to give it a shot. You’ve determined your marketing objectives, planned your strategy, and you’ve secured the budget to run a campaign...


Finding the Perfect Influencers

After assessing thousands of influencer collaborations, we have found that a “test and invest” mentality is the best mindset for brands to have when assembling the influencer roster for their campaigns. If your brand is just beginning to use influencer...


Connecting and Negotiating

Have you ever spent hours trying to find the perfect influencer to work with? You took time to craft the perfectly worded email, then you waited patiently for days to get a response, only to be rejected, or perhaps your email was never even opened?


How Much to Pay

Companies that are new to influencer marketing can find it intimidating to figure out how to begin. Who are the right influencers to approach? How do you find them? And how much should you pay them?
Use the lessons below to learn how to plan, build, and execute an effective influencer marketing program from A to Z.


Managing Influencer Relationships

Managing influencers can be the most complex and time-consuming part of running an influencer program. It is important to stay organized in order to avoid damaging relationships or missing opportunities.


Determining Campaign ROI

We all know that influencer marketing works, but in today’s data-driven world many brands have struggled to measure the true ROI of their programs. It is important to keep in mind that every aspect of influencer marketing’s value does not translate...


Take Influencer Marketing To The Next Level

Influencer marketing can be fuel for the entire marketing team. Whether that means visual content for the email marketing team, diverse content for your paid ads team, promo for your PR team’s events. The opportunities are endless.

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