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Everything Fitness Brands Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

In this four part series, we cover tried and true influencer marketing best practices for fitness brands, examples of brands doing it right, tips on working with fitness influencers, as well as up and coming influencers perfect for your next campaign!

Used by the Best

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    Create Unlimited Fitness Content

    Turn your influencer community into a content engine for the entire marketing team. Build a community of hundreds of creators to generate video and image assets for paid social ads, website content, and more.

    Work with ten times the influencers in half the time

    AspireIQ streamlines influencer discovery, management, and analytics, making it easy to build authentic influencer relationships at scale

    Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

    Read how YogaClub was able to source nearly 1,000 pieces of diverse content to fuel all of their marketing channels
Since working with influencers on AspireIQ, we've got this huge diversity in our content, not just in locations and content type but in ethnicity, in sizes, in favorite activities. It's allowed our Instagram to be this beautiful feed of shoppable content.
Lindsay McClelland, Director of Partnerships and Brand Experience at YogaClub

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