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TikTok: Answers to your frequently asked questions

Last month, we hosted a webinar sharing tactical ways brands can drive engagement on TikTok with TikTok’s Product Marketing Lead, Irina Weisfeiler, and AspireIQ’s Head of Marketing Strategy, Magda Houalla. Marketers in attendance had several questions for the duo which they answers in our Slack group, The Coffee Shop.  

Here’s a peak into some of their answers to your burning questions. 

Q: As a brand, we can’t use licensed music, which really hurts our capability with jumping on a lot of trends. Do you have any advice for how to utilize sound without utilizing licensed music?

A: TikTok is currently working on creating products and solutions for brands that can solve some of these roadblocks. In the meantime, brands have the option of obtaining license for any sound independently and TikTok can safelist this music to be used organically.

Q: Are brands that repurpose creator content on our owned account penalized by the algorithm for sharing videos already posted on creators accounts?

A:Yes, TikTok doesn’t recommend duplicating content because the algorithm will identify repetitive videos. This is what the business accounts feature should solve. The feature allows brands to pin tagged videos on their own profiles.

Alternatively, we’ve seen success with stitching or duetting creators’ video versus just reposting it exactly how they did. 

Q: How often should brands be posting on TikTok?

A: The general rule seems to be 1-3 times per day. If you have an in-house social media team, it’s absolutely worth dedicating some of their time to creating TikTok content because consistency is key. Here are some articles that speak about TikTok for businesses in more detail:

1. Best times to post

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Q: Can brands have influencers utilize TikTok’s commercially licensed tracks on sponsored content?

A: Yes, brands and creators can utilize TikTok’s commercially licensed music. Right now, the TikTok Creator Marketplace creators have full access to toggle between the general music library (non commercial) as well as the commercial music library (CML) . All other creators can only search the songs given by a brand from the CML but we are expanding access of CML toggle to all creator accounts in March 2021

Q: Does the algorithm resurface your posts to the same user? Or is it constantly trying to promote new content?

A: The TikTok algorithm resurfaces new videos to the same user unless it was shared by a different user and from a different TikTok handle. In that case, the video from a different user will be treated as a new video. Generally, we don’t recommend duplicated content, content you’ve already seen before, or any content that’s considered spam. 

Q: How should B2B companies leverage TikTok?

A: B2B companies can leverage TikTok the same way as any B2C company would leverage it. Find the trend that most naturally fits into the product or service you are promoting or partner with creators who can help you to find creative ways to integrate your product into their content.

Additionally, B2B should focus on driving brand awareness, not necessarily conversions on TikTok.  Lean into TikTok as a tool for starting conversations that are relevant to your industry and establishing your business as experts in your space.For example, AspireIQ is a B2B company that wouldn’t look to TikTok as a way to book platform demos. Instead, AspireIQ would want to use that platform to educate target customers on influencer best practices, community building, social media strategy, etc.

Q: How important is the title, caption, and tags?

A: These factors are important for user experience to increase likeliness of interaction with your ad, not so much for the algorithm to make delivery predictions.

Q: I have noticed that with a business account, we have a limited sound collection and we are not able to use the Trending Viral Music. Why is that?

A: In this case, TikTok’s recommendation is to use the smart music library. It’s free and users can use the sounds to participate in trends too. If you are using your own music, you need to ensure you have the copyright before you use the sound on your ad. Additionally, brands need to get rights to voiceover, music, and effects and they have to accept the music usage contract . for sounds outside the library.

Q: What is the best balance of influencer reshares versus brand-produced TikToks?

A:Brands starting out can lean more heavily into influencer shares or dueting influencer content if the brand does not have the ability to create a lot of TikTok content in-house. At first, aim to have a 80/20 split with 80% of the content coming from influencers or simply user generated content. As you have more resources at your disposal, a 50/50 split of influencer repost and brand produced content is ideal.

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