How to Leverage Music Festival Season for your next social media campaign

Tue Apr 11 2017
Terilyn Walker
Best Practices

Don’t miss your chance to make a splash this festival season!

Music festival season is fast approaching. These highly promoted and ultra-fun events take social media by storm every year. Make the most out of these “insta-worthy” moments by enlisting influencers to create highly engaging content for your brand!


Take notes from these great brands who killed their Coachella campaigns last year:

1. Birksun’s Music Festival Campaign

Birksun knows that music festival season means eye-catching scenery, great photography, and lots of social media engagement. The brand made the most out of influencer content by partnering with a large group of influencers who were attending Coachella and generated over 100 sponsored posts in 30 days.  

Partnering with high-quality influencers saved Birksun over $11,800 in equivalent costs to organize photo shoots and professional content.

As a result of their large campaign, the brand saw over 8 million impressions and a significant increase in follower count.

The brand was also left with high-quality content that they can repurpose on their own channels.

     Campaign breakdown:

  • Generated 100+ posts
  • Saved $11,800 in equivalent costs
  • Saw an increase of 253% impressions during Coachella season (over 8 million total)
  • 1,525% increase in follower count
  • 973% ROI


2. Floaty’s #Floatchella Campaign

Last year, Floaty reached out to a select group of influencers with high engagement who planned on attending Coachella. The brand asked for fun, authentic, and eye-catching content using the campaign hashtag #Floatchella.

If you are running a music festival campaign, consider using a branded hashtag to help expand content reach, spread brand awareness, and target other Coachella-goers.

Remember to keep your hashtag short, catchy, and easy to understand. The right hashtag has the potential to drive engagement and expose your brand to a large, yet highly targeted audience.

After being promoted by just 10 of the right influencers, #Floatchella was used over 500 times by the end of Coachella season.

    Campaign Breakdown

  • 10 sponsored posts
  • Hashtag used over 500 times
  • 1.1 million impressions
  • 2,520% ROI

If you want to stand out in consumers’ feeds like these brands did, leveraging the amazing content produced by influencers during music festival season is the way to go! Request a demo of AspireIQ, the top influencer marketing platform, by emailing us at [email protected]

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