The 5 Traits of High Quality Influencer Generated Content

Thu Nov 16 2017
Terilyn Walker
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They say "a picture is worth a thousand words. While this saying may be a cliché, you might  be more interested to learn that a picture can be worth thousands of dollars for your brand.

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition channel because it is effective. This is because influencers have a reputation for being reliable sources of information in their space and expose your brand to their targeted audiences. However, even more valuable than the exposure that influencers give your brand is the content itself.

According to Forrester, consumers engage with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase, the majority of the content coming from other consumers.

Brands extract all of the value from influencer generated content (IGC) by repurposing it on their own social platforms, websites, display ads and/or print advertisements, because:

  • • It is inexpensive and scalable in comparison to professionally created content
  • • Influencer generated content on social media produces more than 8 times the engagement rate of branded content (Rhythymone)
  • • 76% of individuals said they trusted other consumer’s content more than branded content (Adweek)

However, not all influencer generated content is created equal, so it is important for marketers to understand what the traits of high quality content are, and what to look for when investing in influencers.

Why high quality content is important

Not only does high quality content receive more engagement and ultimately lead to more conversions, it gives you to ability to repurpose that content in several marketing channels, including websites, email and paid ads. Marketers and consumers love IGC because unlike brand-directed content, it is created through the lens of the consumer, making it authentic, engaging, and relatable.

"Products connect people. The content we share should feel human and authentically connected to that moment. That is why influencers are a big part of our content strategy."

— Tricia Teschke, Sr. Social and Content Manager at The Bouqs Company

So what is high quality content?

High quality camera, lighting and editing

Instagram / @heygorjess

Anyone can take a picture on their smartphone—but high quality content requires a bit more effort than that. Images and videos should be high definition (HD) quality and have an overall high production value.

Creating content is many influencers’ full-time job. Therefore, many of them invest in the best cameras, equipment, and editing software, making their photography/videography on par with professionally created content.

It’s more than showcasing the product

Instagram / @ashleyempowers

“Sharing influencer stories is the ultimate product endorsement to inspire purchase.”

— Tricia Teschke, Sr. Social and Content Manager at The Bouqs Company

Influencer generated content is all about storytelling. Let’s face it, simple product shots can be boring and are often overdone. High quality content should have the sponsored product at the forefront of the image while showcasing how the product is used in action. These visuals are inspirational and make the audience want to buy the product in order to reap its benefits. It is important for viewers to get an overall sense of the experience and feeling that a product creates when being used.

Aesthetically pleasing

Instagram/ @stevenofnorth

The audience’s engagement with a product is dependent upon visual content. In fact, according to Hubspot, visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than other forms of content.

It is important for images to grab the viewer’s attention so that people are more likely to stop when scrolling through their social media feed. HD quality images aren’t enough to make an impact. High quality content is aesthetically and visually pleasing in that it is aspirational and enticing.


Instagram / @chrissyjpowers

“The reason why people engage with something organically is because it resonates with them. The way we’re doing that is through Influencer content.”

— Tricia Teschke, Sr. Social and Content Manager at The Bouqs Company

Which is more enticing: a picture of someone holding a product, or a dynamic image of a product incorporated into the daily routine of someone you admire? Obviously, the latter.

It is easy to tell when an influencer is creating content just for money. If you can tell through their content that they do not genuinely enjoy a brand or a product, so can their audience. High quality content tells a story that is organic to each individual, yet relatable to many.


Instagram /@escapingyouth

Creative content is eye-catching and stands out.

Allow influencers to put their own creative spin on the content while staying within your brand’s guidelines. You may be surprised to discover that oftentimes influencers create content that is drastically different from your own branded content, yet it speaks to your audience more effectively.

Don’t be afraid to partner with influencers whose content is outside of the box. The engagement they generate may be so high that they even inspire your branded content in the future.

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