Take Your Summer Campaign Outdoors with These 7 Up-and-Coming Travel Influencers

Fri Aug 17 2018
Skye Pestana
Up and Coming Influencers

It’s always a good idea to get outside and explore the great outdoors. Not only does it reduce stress and prompt us to exercise, but it’s also a refreshing way to escape our busy schedules. Here are seven up-and-coming nature-loving influencers to boost your next campaign!

@katcarney - 28.2K Followers

Kat’s photography expresses her obvious love for the natural world and all it has to offer. She has worked with a number of brands, including Blake’s All Natural Food, Flora Health, and Premier Nutrition.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, camping, and organic/health foods brands
  • Most Mentioned Brand: REI
  • Audience interests:
    • 71.6% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 66.5% Camera & Photography
    • 50.7% Sports

@jesslikestohike - 27.4K Followers

Jess is always off exploring beautiful places while encouraging and inspiring her followers to do the same. She has created great content for Purple Carrot and Cotopaxi.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, camping, outdoor clothing, and organic/health foods brands
  • Audience Brand Affinity: GoPro
  • Audience Interests:
    • 73.8% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 64.7% Camera & Photography
    • 41.3% Sports

@cotezi - 11.6K

Cotezi is an accomplished hiker who recently completed the entire Pacific Crest Trail! Her feed is full of gorgeous views and trails, and her YouTube gives practical advice to those trying to get started backpacking. She even opens up about all of her own backpacking mistakes.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, backpacking, outdoor clothing, and photography brands
  • Audience Brand Affinity: Travelgram
  • Audience Interests:
    • 62.7% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 58.4% Camera & Photography
    • 40.1% Friends, Family & Relationships

@thedirtbagbaby - 17.5K Followers

The Quirin’s are a family full of adventurers! They take their two-year-old daughter, Ellie, to all kinds of terrain and teach her a deep love of the outdoors through hiking, biking, camping, cooking – you name it.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, toddler clothing, snack/health foods brands
  • Most Mentioned Brand: Patagonia
  • Audience Interests:
    • 49.0% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 47.2% Friends, Family & Relationships
    • 47.2% Camera & Photography
    • 38.7% Toys, Children & Baby

@snowqueenandscout - 6.5K Followers

Liz didn’t grow up in the great outdoors, but it’s now a huge part of her life! She is passionate about making the trail a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all kinds of people.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, camping, and outdoor clothing brands
  • Audience Brand Affinity: National Geographic
  • Audience Interests:
    • 68.2% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 60.4% Camera & Photography
    • 39.8% Sports

@emily.evergreen - 13.8K Followers

Emily is a spunky hiker who resides in the Pacific Northwest. She frequently shares her health and self-care experiences with her followers. She has collaborated with brands such as Kura Nutrition and Wiivv.

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Outdoor sport, camping, and outdoor clothing brands
  • Most Mentioned Brand: REI
  • Audience Brand Affinity: Pacific Northwest Wonderland
  • Audience Interests:
    • 66.0% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 60.7% Camera & Photography
    • 43.0% Friends, Family & Relationships

@livingbythemile - 13.3K Followers

Joe and Jasper, a photographer and a trainer, live their lives on the road in their van-turned-home. They take their two dogs, Slash and Tink, with them on their adventure as they live by the mile. They say, “we try to live by the motto good breeds good, spreading positivity through our travels.”

Key features:

  • Perfect Fit For: Athletic clothing, camping, small home, photography, and dog product brands
  • Audience Brand Affinity: Volkswagen
  • Audience Interests:
    • 67.1% Travel, Tourism & Aviation
    • 59.3% Camera & Photography
    • 48.2% Cars & Motorbikes
    • 45.0% Restaurants, Food & Grocery

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