Six Steps To Beat Content Mediocrity

Thu Jul 18 2019
Terilyn Walker
Best Practices

Between 75 and 90 percent of your marketing’s impact depends on visuals. So how can you ensure that your brand’s content stands out in the sea of advertisements consumers are exposed to every day?

The answer lies in personalized content. The images, videos, and written assets that appeal to groups of consumers based on predetermined demographics such as age, gender, interests, or location.

In recent years, personalized content has become a marketing buzzword as well as an expectation by consumers. 41 percent of consumers switched companies last year over a lack of trust and poor personalization; it is estimated that this costs businesses $756 billion in 2016 per a report by MediaPost Communications.

Personalization reduces acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, lifts revenues by 5-15 percent and increases the efficiency of marketing spent by 10-30 percent. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

While the technology to personalize is readily available, most brands lack the volume of content necessary to do it correctly. But of course we have you covered. Today, let’s talk through six steps to source personalized content to beat content mediocrity.

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1. Understand your audience

The key to any and all marketing initiatives is to understand your audience. And that means more than just knowing their name. When you really want to reach your audience, you need to understand where they live, what interests them, what their pain points are, how they consume content, and where they want to hear from you. This allows you to identify topics and keywords to target and optimize content that truly resonates.

Learn about your audience by:

  • Doing research on demographics
  • Observing comments and engagement online to see what resonates
  • Leveraging Twitter analytics and Facebook insights to see what people in your community are talking about on a broader scale
  • Conducting market research surveys
  • Looking at how consumers engage with competitors who share the same niche

2. Group your audience into segments

Instead of trying to appeal to the masses at once, start by grouping your audience and targeting each segment individually. Use your learnings to determine the criteria you wish to use to segment your audience. If a certain group cannot be reached effectively with the same content, message, or on the same channel, adjust your approach accordingly.

By segmenting specific audiences and addressing them individually through your content, you will be able to bring in high-quality customers, increase your brand affinity across multiple segments, retain customers, and optimize your product and messaging based on feedback.

3. Take a human-centered approach

When it comes to the content you’re serving your audience, think about what makes them feel happy, what makes them laugh, or what pulls at their heartstrings. It is easy to get formulaic with your approach and treat everyone like another number. But the content that is most successful is the content that people can truly relate to.

Instagram / @cierahudson

A study by Momentum Worldwide Proprietary Research found that 86 percent of consumers believe it is important for brands to make them feel better and consumers are drawn to brands by their meaning and less by the utility of their products. And there’s a reason why the content that elicits an emotional response, whether that be humor or otherwise, sees a huge boost of engagement on social media.

4. Tailor your content to each marketing channel

The same person expects different content in different contexts. We may go to Facebook to see updates from our family and friends, Instagram for shopping inspiration, and emails for promotions and new product launches. Because of this, tailoring your content according to the channel or medium it will be hosted on is just as important as tailoring your message to your audience.

Using the web, email, out of home, and just three social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest—offers you a variety of ways to reach your targeted audience. The trick is to understand why consumers use each platform and then source the content in a format that feels natural on each individual platform.

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5. Optimize and diversify content over time

The best, most sustainable content strategy for generating ROI requires a test and invest mentality. Experiment with new types of content from video to gifs, different channels, and new audiences to better understand what performs the best. Then, use these findings to optimize your next round of content.

6. Leverage influencers to generate unlimited content

In order to truly personalize the visual content across multiple channels, you’d need to produce thousands of images, with hundreds of diverse models, in dozens of diverse places, doing many different things. When it comes to traditional forms of content creation, generating the necessary volume of content just isn’t possible without spending an exorbitant amount of money and time.

That is why in an effort to find a quick, scalable and inexpensive solution, many brands are turning to influencer-generated content (IGC) to source large amounts of authentic content.

Influencers are the photographers, creative directors, writers or videographers who are well versed in creating professional-quality content that tells a story in an engaging way. These social media savvy content creators act as one-person creative agencies, churning out content in days, not weeks or months.

When partnering with influencers and online content creators, look for people who:

  • Create high-quality, on-brand content
  • Have a high-engagement rate
  • Align with your audience

Then, provide them with tight collaboration terms and visual guidelines to ensure that you are getting the type and quality of content that you need.

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