New Instagram Feature Allows Users to Follow Hashtags

Fri Dec 22 2017
Magda Houalla

Instagram users can now follow hashtags on Instagram. What does this new feature mean for your brand?

Everyone knows the power of a good hashtag. Whether it’s a branded hashtag designed to launch a new product or one promoting a social movement, hashtags are a fantastic way for brands to build a community and share their story with likeminded people.

Until now, hashtags were relevant for searches but they did little to get your content in front of people who were not already searching for it. Instagram has changed the game yet again with a new feature that allows Instagram users to follow specific hashtags!

Here’s how it works

Just as Instagram users can follow people, they can now follow hashtags to see more content from the Instagram community.

The search page is split into “accounts” and “hashtags” so users can search and follow hashtags with ease. A button indicates that a specific post is from a hashtag and not just a post from someone you follow, so users are able to differentiate between the two types of posts. Users will then be able to “dislike” photos that they don’t like, and Instagram will take note and show more content within that hashtag that aligns with the content they want to see.

How does this feature affect your next campaign?

Your brand’s hashtag can now accumulate a following of its own, which ultimately will strengthen your brand’s identity. When you have a hashtag-specific campaign, ask influencers to direct their audience to follow both the brand’s account and the hashtag itself so they can become a part of the brand’s conversation.

This will multiply the amount of times that your brand is visible to a target consumer. Instead of just seeing your brand’s post, they’ll also see a community of people posting about your brand.

Also, as a brand you can follow your own hashtag to keep an eye on how often it is used, and what type of content the hashtag is associated with. This will help to guide you when asking influencers to create content. If you want to see a different type of content associated with the hashtag, have influencers create some new and diverse posts!

Instagram is keeping a close eye on this new update to ensure that Instagrammers don’t get spammed with irrelevant content. We’ll update you with any changes they make.


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