New in AspireIQ- Import Collaboration Guideline Templates

Fri Nov 10 2017

Creating and sending influencer collaboration terms just got easier.

Are you tired of hassling your legal team for each influencer collaboration? Have you sent an influencer a free product only to find they deleted your sponsored content, or even worse, the influencer never posted their content? Avoid all of this with AspireIQ’s premade collaboration guideline templates.

We recently revamped the way brands can create and propose collaboration terms to influencers. AspireIQ’s guidelines templates allow you to easily create, import, and send collaboration terms and contracts, saving you the time and trouble associated with getting your legal team involved in every influencer contract.

Why we made guideline templates

One of the most tedious processes in the influencer marketing process is creating and sending collaboration guidelines and contracts. Traditionally, creating and sending contracts entails involving the company's legal team, which takes more time to get the campaign started and creates a trail of paperwork. You need a way to cover all the bases and get your contracts in place faster and more easily, and AspireIQ is here to help you do just that.

We want to make marketers’ jobs as seamless and easy as possible. We've eliminated the need for paperwork and back-and-forth communications by creating these easy-to-customize contracts that allow brands to clearly outline collaboration expectations, rights to content, and the obligations of everyone involved.

Both brands and influencers invest time and money in influencer collaborations. Having clear expectations ensures that everyone understands what they need to do, when they need to do it, and has clear-cut guidelines to follow for a well-run campaign. If your marketing budget is at risk, explicitly communicating your expectations to your influencers is critical. And if needed, the contracts allow both parties to hold each other accountable for their actions or omissions.

How it works

1. Import premade guideline templates

Don't know where to start when creating collaborations guidelines? Don't worry, the AspireIQ team has created several templates to help you out.

Begin by editing your campaign in AspireIQ. In the Content Guideline tab,  click select pre-made and import a variety of different term templates, all created with different goals in mind.

Remember that these pre-made templates are generic and designed to get you moving in the right direction, so you'll want to add your brand’s details.

2. Create your own templates

If you prefer, you can also build your own guideline templates from scratch by clicking blank template. Fill in the details for any or all of the following:

  • content concept
  • talking points
  • photo guidelines
  • caption guidelines
  • post instructions
  • any other guidelines

and then click save. You can make as many of these templates as you need.

3. Propose terms

Now that you've created (or imported) all of the templates that you'll need for your campaign, you'll be able to access them with ease by clicking the propose terms button when negotiating with an influencer.

Collaboration guideline templates allow you to spend your time where it really matters. Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communications with influencers by providing clear guidelines before each collaboration begins.

Interested in streamlining your entire influencer marketing process? Click here to chat with one of our influencer campaign specialists, who can walk you through the full AspireIQ platform.

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