Introducing AspireIQ’s new look

Fri Jun 19 2020
Jenn Kim

In addition to the launch of AspireIQ Elevate — our community intelligence marketing platform — we’ve got a brand new look! For the last five months, our design team has been hard at work creating a refreshed look for AspireIQ to better fit our new product and evolving vision. The new design reflects our growth as a company and our mission to empower brands to build authentic and valuable relationships with their community.

In this post, our visual designer, Álvaro Carreras, who created these beautiful assets with the support of his teammates, Stephanie Benjamin and Joshua Cavalier, will give us the inside scoop on everything that went on behind the scenes. 

Why rebrand?

The launch of AspireIQ Elevate represents a major shift for our company and our industry as a whole. 

AspireIQ is built on the idea that when people with shared values come together behind a purpose, they can achieve greater things than they could alone. We want to enable brands to fulfill their purpose with the greatest impact by collaborating with the most valuable members of their community.

This goes beyond social media influencers. Everyone from customers and employees to  ambassadors and industry experts can make a big impact when they co-create with the brands that they love most. These brand enthusiasts are the people that make up a brand community, and by engaging them, companies have the unique opportunity to truly understand their customers, gather insights that improve products, and drive growth.

As our company has graduated from being just an influencer marketing platform to a community intelligence marketing platform, we decided to evolve our visual brand to better represent our new mission. 

How is the new design different?

While our old blue and pink gradient design was simple, easy to use, and perceived as safe and reliable, we felt we could better showcase our brand’s personality with a new look and feel. 

Our new branding expresses how AspireIQ is a warm, welcoming, creative company promoting real, human connection. So, we’ve come up with a more sophisticated design to create a distinct look and align with our true company values. We updated the following:

  • Color palette: We now have more warm colors in our palette. Our primary colors are still shades of blue and pink, and we’ve added secondary colors in earthy, natural tones like forest green and sand to bring our brand closer to the real world. 
  • Textures: Taking inspiration from the shape of our logo, we created a handful of different textures to make our brand more unique and memorable.
  • Font: Our fonts now include Poppins for its rounded edges and approachable look, as well as Proxima Nova, our original font. We tested various fonts in serif and sans-serif, and ultimately decided on using sans-serif for readability. 
  • Photos: The images on our website and other major assets present less polished, very authentic content that real people create and resonate with. 
  • Icons: Our iconography is hand drawn so that you can see imperfect brush strokes, showcasing the human factor of our brand.

Behind-the-scenes of the design process

This entire redesign process was a collaborative effort across multiple teams over the last five months. It started with studying our old visual brand and identifying some positive and negative aspects of it. After workshopping, we thought about some key words to keep in mind as we designed — words that describe the core values we hold as a company.

Our main focus is to empower brands and individuals to build authentic connections and valuable relationships. We want to connect people with purpose and perspective in order to make commerce more human, empower communities to become movements, and help people find belonging in a common cause. That’s why we came up with words community, welcoming, warm, and storytelling. 

Keeping these key terms in mind, we created several mood boards with different styles researching fonts, palette colors, iconography, and the like to find a direction before starting our designs. We took inspiration from industry leading companies that have seamlessly integrated a human touch to their designs, and found elements that we could incorporate into our own brand.

More than anything, the leadership team wanted to portray a warm and embracive brand — one that looked more welcoming, diverse, and human. So, we personalized two design options based on the feedback we received.

While both designs are equally creative, the overwhelming majority voted for the second design. This design is the most representative of who we are as a brand as it incorporates a human touch and embodies our welcoming, inclusive, diverse company.

AspireIQ’s new look represents our focus on empowering brands to leverage their communities. We hope you love it as much as we do.