What’s new at AspireIQ: Introducing AspireIQ Elevate

Thu Jun 18 2020
Shuhan Bao

For the past 6 years, AspireIQ has been dedicated to providing brands with top of the line software to connect with, manage, and analyze influencer collaborations at scale. After working with hundreds of brands to streamline thousands of collaborations, we’ve become one of the most trusted industry solutions for building relationships and powering content. 

While providing brands with marketing software to make their lives easier will always be our number one priority, we recognize the industry as a whole is changing. Our existing influencer marketing software allows you to connect with anyone who has influence on social media, create streamlined campaigns, and measure success. But influence is evolving. 

These days, anyone can have influence — it’s not just traditional social media influencers. A customer who writes a glowing review can also influence purchases, as can an affiliate who recommends a product on their blog or an in-store employee who shows a shopper their favorite picks. That’s why we believe the sphere of influence is expanding to include everyone from customers, ambassadors, experts, content creators, professionals, employees, and more. 

These people make up brand communities, or groups of like-minded individuals who share an identity and purpose that the brand empowers them to express. Brand communities give companies the unique opportunity to truly understand and connect with their customers to gather insights that improve products and drive growth.

That is why we are super excited to announce a new addition to the AspireIQ product suite. 

We’d love to formally introduce you to AspireIQ Elevate, the world’s first community marketing intelligence solution.

Don’t worry, the influencer marketing platform you know and love, now known as AspireIQ Create, will still be available for traditional influencer collaborations. With AspireIQ Elevate, you can also recruit brand community members, engage directly with members, scale your workflow while staying organic to members, and measure the success of your programs. 

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Import & identify

Already have your own brand community? No problem. Import your existing members with customizable tags to easily organize them into groups. 

Alternatively, discover new brand enthusiasts to partner with from our database of more than 6 million influential accounts. Search by hashtag, keywords, mentions, audience demographics, and more. 

You can also import information from data providers such as CRM, customer support, or e-commerce to have a holistic view of each of your members and keep all of your important data in one place. 

Step 2: Onboard & organize

Onboard your members with ease with white-labeled pages. Customize brand messaging, imagery, and data fields. Then, efficiently organize and segment community members based on location, interests, loyalty tiers, recent purchases, lifestyle, and more to boost your productivity at scale. 

Step 3: Recognize & respond

See full relationship history with each community member. Our smart inbox enables you to manage conversations across Gmail, Outlook, and chat. And the member activity page keeps track of emails, social posts, purchase history, completed tasks, and more so your team can keep track of each touchpoint, all in one place. 

Member profiles help you understand the needs of each community member by displaying interactions with your team and social networking links. 

Step 4: Activate & achieve

Here’s the fun part. Use all of the information you’ve learned about each community member to create 1:1 relationships and partnerships. Collaborations on AspireIQ Elevate aren’t limited to just social posts. Create unique activations from content creation, product reviews, product feedback, affiliate sales, events, ambassador programs, and more. 

Whatever the activations you choose, use customized automation integrations like bulk email, contract and payment plugins, and auto messages to make your job easier. 

Step 5: Analyze & advance

Data makes the world go round and we know it. That’s why our real-time analytics dashboard gives you powerful insights that help you make informed decisions and share the performance of your community with your team. See total reach, engagement, impressions, views, comments, TMV, ROI, top hashtags and more. Or view the performance of each piece of community-generated content all in one place. 

We’re excited for AspireIQ Elevate and can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the power to build meaningful relationships at scale with your biggest enthusiasts.

Want to learn more? Contact one of our specialists to come up with a customized engagement plan and schedule a personalized demo.