Introducing AspireIQ Ratings: the best way to predict the effectiveness of any collaboration

Mon Oct 20 2014

It's been a busy week at AspireIQ! We've doubled the team size and have worked hard to build new features such as Payments, Curated Invites and CRM. But one of the features you may not have seen is Ratings.Thanks to the fact that we analyze tens of thousands of creator accounts on a real-time basis, we are able to determine, for any given brand, who the top 50-100 most relevant creators are based on similarities in content, following and style. Furthermore, with our clients who have been able to connect and develop relationships with highly-rated creators, these relationships have proven to be anywhere from 600% to 1000% more effective than otherwise un-targeted creator promotions in terms of driving followers, traffic and ultimately sales.

Here's an example below:

Given the costs of running analytics on our side, this feature is currently only available to Premium and Unlimited clients, but we are in the process of integrating its use throughout the platform so that every relationship you build has benefits from this. Interested? Contact me at [email protected]

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