Instagram Updates You Don’t Want to Miss: Including One That Hasn’t Been Released

Thu Apr 05 2018
Terilyn Walker

Instagram has been on a roll releasing 🔥 new updates! Most of which will directly increase the ways in which brands can increase engagement on social. If you can’t keep up, we don’t blame you. In this post, we did the hard work and compiled some of the most exciting updates in recent weeks!


Finally, your feed will be back in chronological order (kind of)

TL;DR Instagram feeds will be back in chronological order for the most part. However, posts from accounts you interact the most with will still be pushed to the top.

Are you tired of your Instagram feed automatically refreshing as you’re scrolling through your feed? Are you fed up of missing posts from people and brands that you follow? Well, this problem has been fixed. Instagram has made the announcement that many of us have been waiting for.

The platform released a statement  saying they are testing a  “‘New Posts’ button that lets you choose when you want to refresh, rather than it happening automatically. Tap the button and you’ll be taken to new posts at the top of feed —don’t tap, and you’ll stay where you are.” The statement goes on to say that Instagram is making changes so that newer posts will also be prioritized in your feed, which is finally a step towards the chronological feeds that we all miss. Posts from people you interact with the most will still be pushed to the top so if you go on a social media hiatus for a few days, you won’t miss posts from the accounts you engage with the most.

A few months ago, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, announced that they changed their algorithm to deprioritize posts from brands so users will not be overwhelmed with ads. Naturally, many brands were concerned they would see less online engagement, and as a result conversions, due to changes in the algorithm. So, this new update to the Instagram algorithm addresses these brand’s concerns. Your brand’s posts will now have just as much chance of being seen as someone’s childhood friend or distant relative.

We’re happy to see that Instagram is responding to their users’ complaints, unlike some other platforms (we’re talking about you, Snapchat).


Add clickable hashtags and profiles in your bio

The Instagram bio has historically been very limiting in terms of customization. In the past, you could only add a single link. Instagram has recently increased your options by allowing you to add several clickable hashtags and profiles to your Instagram bio.

This means two things for brands. First it will be easier for users to find your brand if you include relevant hashtags in your bio. Additionally, the Instagram Influencers you partner with can now add your profile link directly in their bio, making their audience even more likely to follow you. If one of your influencer marketing objectives is to increase your online following, add this requirement to your campaign terms and watch your follower count climb!


Share your posts in IG Stories

You no longer need to take a screenshot, crop, and paste to share Instagram posts. Similar to the retweet Twitter feature,  Instagram now allows users to share their permanent Instagram posts by embedding them in their story. So would we just call this a regram?

Anyone who views your story can tap the image to be directed directly to the post itself.

Instagram stories are a great way to get more visibility and increase engagement with your audience. Now that there is a user-friendly way to share posts brands can encourage even more engagement by regramming their influencers’ posts and vice versa. Or, increase the visibility of your own posts by sharing posts in your story that your followers may have been missed on their feeds.

This feature is only available to a small group, but we’re sure a wider rollout will be coming in the near future.


Shoppable Instagram now available in eight more countries

Last year, Instagram announced their new Shoppable Instagram. With the launch of this feature, Instagram feeds went beyond being just a place to share pictures and became an avenue for ecommerce and sales.

Instagram gave early access to the Shoppable Instagram feature to 20 select brands late last year and has slowly rolled out the feature to other beauty, fashion and jewelry brands. However, Instagram recently announced that Shoppable instagram will be available for all brands using Shopify integration as well as companies in countries outside of the US including the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Now, even more brands will have the ability to direct their followers to their product pages, see how many users have clicked on specific products, generate more sales on social media, and determine what content drives the highest click-thru rate to the brand’s online store!


Nametag scanner coming to Instagram?

Now, for the exciting, unreleased Instagram feature we didn’t realize we needed until now.

Techcrunch and Killer features recently announced that an unreleased Instagram feature called Nametag may be coming in the near future. According to some hidden files discovered within Instagram, this feature will allow each profile to create and share a unique QR code that allows someone to follow you by simply taking a picture of the code. This feature will be similar to the way in which Snapchat Snapcodes have made it ridiculously easy to get followers.

If this feature really is coming, it will be a great way for brands to encourage more people to follow them. Imagine being able to include your Nametag on in-store promotions, your website and other media, making it easier for your fans to follow you.

Instagram has not made a statement regarding this feature, but we will keep you posted.


So which feature are you most excited about? Comment below to let us know, and share this post with someone who might find it useful!


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