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Instagram Testing Hiding “Likes” in the U.S. — What Does This Mean for Brands?

Instagram is performing a test on removing its visible “like” count in the U.S. beginning this week. To anyone who’s been paying attention, this isn’t news. Instagram has already been testing hiding likes in 7 countries since mid-summer.

The reason behind this change is to improve users’ mental health. Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri told Buzzfeed News that he hopes the removal of users’ “likes” will create “a less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.”

Get Your “Like” Access Back With AspireIQ

“Likes” won’t entirely disappear. Users will still be able to see their own “likes” in their insights. But for everyone else, those “likes” will be hidden.

Of course, for brands running influencer marketing campaigns, this has some consequences. Namely, since “likes” are the most used metrics to measure the performance of posts, how will brands without a platform measure their creator’s performance?

This is where AspireIQ comes in.

AspireIQ’s platform gives you the opportunity to have insights to your creator’s account to track likes on their posts. And because influencers can still see their own “likes,” when you have access, you can see those metrics as well.

Learn about our Unlimited Analytics solution here.

Whether you are working with 5 influencers or 500 influencers, we empower brands to expand their reach with limitless influencer tracking — and understand the engagement each can drive for their audience.

The best part: Even if influencers aren’t signed up for AspireIQ, you can still take advantage of this solution.

If you’re still running influencer campaigns manually, sending emails to influencers and tracking engagement with spreadsheets, it’s time to turn to a platform.

Ready to get started? Schedule a time to strategize with one of our experts here. Or learn more about our Unlimited Analytics solution here.

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