Instagram Insights Come to AspireIQ

Wed Feb 28 2018
Terilyn Walker

In a world where fake followers are an issue, accurate data is increasingly important for influencer marketing. Brands need to ensure that real people are seeing your content, and just as importantly, the right people. If you’re a women’s fashion brand, for example, you’ll want to ensure that a creator’s content resonates with women and not men.

That is why AspireIQ offers an exciting new product update that provides brands with content creator’s official Instagram Insights.

AspireIQ is now asking creators to start authorizing brands to access their Instagram Insights data. This will give our clients access to content creators’ official Instagram stats and data. The following insights will be available for creators that have chosen to opt-in:

  • Audience demographics, including:
    • City
    • Country
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Average number of actual impressions per post
  • Average number of saves per post

AspireIQ clients who want to take the extra step to ensure they are working with influencers who will drive the most conversions can now run campaigns that require influencers to authorize their Instagram insights data as part of the collaboration.

Additionally, AspireIQ will provide our enterprise clients with reports containing the exact amount of impressions, unique impressions, and saves each creator receives.


Why Instagram Insights are important

Having access to a creator’s audience demographics helps brands to ensure that your product or service will be promoted to real people that are interested in your products. Your budget can easily be wasted on creators whose audience is not aligned with your target consumer. Even if a creator has a large following, when their content appeals to the wrong group of people, you won’t see the conversion rate you were expecting.

As marketers, it’s important to know the things you should be looking for when choosing creators to collaborate with so that you can avoid wasting your marketing budget on creators who have an illegitimate audience or whose audience is just not interested in your brand.

AspireIQ can help you to choose the right content creators for your products, and to set up contracts and follow the creative process and results quickly and easily.

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