[Infographic] How Influencer Content Increases Facebook Ads ROI

Wed May 23 2018
Terilyn Walker
Industry, Paids Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook, and Influencer Content

Whats the key to Facebook Ads success? In short, the answer is relevant content. Not just any content will do the trick. The truth is, brands who leverage influencer generated content (IGC) find themselves at a remarkable advantage in Facebook advertising (See part 1: How Facebook Ads Work).

But what exactly is IGC? Influencer generated content is the images, videos, and copy created by social media influencers that can be repurposed across all marketing channels by the brands they partner with.

This infographic explains exactly how IGC can be used to increase your ads' relevancy score, click thru rate, and overall ROI. Make sure to share it with anyone who may find it useful!


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