How to Use Influencer Marketing to Diversify Your Campaigns

Wed Feb 21 2018
Terilyn Walker
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In our blog post, Why Diversity in Ads is More Important Than Ever for Revenue, we explained that from a business perspective, diversity in advertisements has the potential to generate tangible benefits. By diversifying your content brands can:

  • • Appeal to new markets with huge spending power
  • •Increase revenue
  • •Increase and protect their reputation

Different messages and images speak to different people, especially on social media. So, companies that achieve a lot of marketing success do so by tightly defining and then targeting each of  their markets individually.

An effective way to source diverse and authentic content is through influencer marketing. Influencer generated content is inexpensive, scalable, and it comes from different people from all around the world.

Here’s how two brands diversified their content with the help of influencer marketing and AspireIQ.


[Read the full case study HERE]

Bitsbox is a subscription website that teaches kids to code by delivering insanely fun app-building projects in the mail every month.

Bitsbox uses influencer generated content on social media, paid ads and several other marketing channels. Because their team is based in Denver, Colorado, they had limited access to a diverse group of kids for their branded content. Not only was their content not diverse enough, but it was expensive and time consuming to create.

As a result, the Bitsbox team turned to influencers to fuel their marketing needs. Influencer generated content was the perfect way for Bitsbox to add diversity to their content. The settings are different, the kids are different, and it’s all authentic. The content they get from influencers is more diverse and better looking than the content that they used to get from photo shoots.

Since influencer content provides them with an ongoing stream of diverse content, the Bitsbox team has a variety of content to test, to determine what’s working in their content and apply what they’ve learned to the next round of content.

We’re so impressed with how some of these influencers set up their photographs. It inspired us about how we can compose our own photo shoots.

— Alex Ostler, Director of Revenue, Bitsbox

Ovation Hair

[Read the full case study HERE]

Influencer marketing has always been an important part of Ovation Hair’s customer acquisition strategy. The Ovation team wanted to ensure that the profile of influencers that Ovation was working with was diverse, but the company did not have the resources to explore new markets until it partnered with AspireIQ.

After discovering that curly haired women spend a considerable amount of money on hair products, the Ovation team finally had an opportunity to test this niche market, which was different from the profile of the influencers they used previously.

Now I want a curly haired girl for every YouTube campaign. I also want to find that other market that I think will work well for the brand.

— April Bobadilla, Social Media Manager, Ovation Hair

Ovation partnered with curly haired beauty gurus @Thefindguru and @Sayriajade, and the results exceeded the brand’s expectations by driving about 18k website visits, making these  “the best performing influencers that Ovation has ever worked with”, according to their social media manager.

Ovation typically saw about 40 visits to their influencer landing page per day. After partnering with multiple ethnic and curly haired influencers, there was huge jump to over 2,500 visits per day during the week after the video went live.

As you can see, it pays to diversify your content.

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