How to Spring Clean Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Wed Mar 13 2019
Terilyn Walker
Best Practices
Image by @outofthebex

Happy Spring!

Say goodbye to wind storms and cloudy skies and hello to blossoming trees and allergies. As we transition into longer days, we can’t help but think about what to do with that extra hour. How can we spruce up everything from our home decor, wardrobe, and yes, our influencer marketing strategies?

While we’ll leave the fashion and interior design how-to’s to our favorite bloggers, we can help you with the latter.

Here are three ways brands can freshen up their influencer marketing strategies this spring.

Try working with a new type of influencer

As marketers, we tend to stick with what works. While reusing tried and true strategies is the safe way to drive positive results, sometimes you need to test something new to find that hidden gem that will really move the needle in your marketing funnel.

When we think of influencer marketing, the majority of the time it seems that fashion brands partner with fashion bloggers, food brands partner with foodies, and so on. But for a wide variety of products, your appeal is not limited to a narrow audience. For example, everyone eats and everyone has to wear clothes.

This spring, try stepping outside of the influencer profile you typically partner with. For example, if you’re a fitness brand, try partnering with a few foodie, fashion, or even travel influencers. This new strategy will provide you with some fresh new faces in your influencer content library and expose your brand to a whole new audience that might love your product.

PerfectBar usually partners with foodie bloggers who feature their protein bars in amazing recipes. However, the brand partnered with mommy and lifestyle bloggers to promote their new line of kid-friendly bars. This collaboration with @Amberfillerup ended up being one of their best performing pieces of content ever.

Refresh Your Evergreen Campaigns

In addition to seasonal or campaigns based on specific marketing initiatives, such as product launches, we all usually have an always-on influencer campaign running at any given time. While it’s smart to have influencers constantly talking about your product online, oftentimes we let our evergreen campaigns grow stale.

This spring, take a look at the current evergreen campaigns that you are running and consider making a few tweaks. Try asking for a different type of content. For example, instead of asking influencers to create two Instagram posts, ask for one post and one Instagram story. Or try changing the products you’re seeding to influencers or the talking points in your collaboration guidelines.

The goal is to look at your current campaign with a critical eye to ensure the influencers’ followers are seeing fresh and exciting content on their feeds.

Source Some Out-of-the-Box Content

The most valuable byproduct of influencer marketing is the influencers’ creative content. Take a look at the types of content you’ve sourced from influencers in the past and run an audit. Does everyone look the same? Are all of your target customers represented in your content?

If you see a lack of diversity in your content, then take the first two tips we mentioned to source some fresh new content from a wide range of influencers.

Ask influencers to create more dynamic content, such as Boomerangs or videos that you can repurpose in paid ads on social media. Or ask for some amazing how-to image assets that show how customers are using your product in real life. Also, consider sourcing long-form pieces of content like blog posts that you can repurpose on your own blog.

YogaClub uses AspireIQ to source bloggers in addition to their community of Instagram and YouTube influencers. They leverage these bloggers to power their own blog, giving their site a very authentic feel.

Feel like you’re ready for some spring cleaning of your own? Schedule a time to talk to one of our Influencer Marketing Experts who can help!