How to Make the Most of Instagram Story Features

Fri Dec 15 2017
Magda Houalla
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Increase your campaign’s visibility, engagement and reach with Instagram Story’s new features: Highlights, clickable links, and more.

In an effort to compete with Snapchat’s popularity amongst millennials, various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, have introduced “stories,” which are 10 second images and videos that are only viewable for 24 hours. Since Instagram Story’s release 16 months ago, the feature  has garnered over 250 million users, evolving into a new way for brands and influencers to connect with their audience. Instagram Stories is designed to allow Instagram users to provide their audience with a new point of view, an unedited and intimate glimpse into their daily lives.

Although stories are no longer a new concept in the social media space, both marketers and influencers tend to prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat for several reasons:

  1. Influencers generally have their largest audience on Instagram.

  2. The new feature, “Instagram Story Highlights,” allows influencers to keep specified stories on their profile for as long they want in comparison to the 24 hours previously allowed.

  3. Business accounts can include clickable links in the stories, unlike Snapchat.

New features are constantly being added to Instagram Stories, and often these features are great tools to use to build on your brand’s campaigns. Brands that have already begun to prioritize Instagram Stories in their social media campaigns are raving about its success. Here are three features that you should be taking advantage of.

Instagram Story Highlights:

Instagram now offers a permanent place for you to show off your favorite IG Stories—Introducing Highlights.

Here’s how it works:

Once an IG Story disappears, it will move to an archive section that you can browse at any time. From the archive, you can create Story Highlights, which will permanently be displayed in a new horizontal bar at the top of your profile. Create a whole collection of different Instagram Story highlights that will live on as long as you want them to!

How can brands use this to promote their campaigns?

Ask an influencer to create a story for your brand, and have them publish it to their Story Highlights for the duration of your campaign. You can even ask influencers to do a series of Highlights instead of just one post.

Clickable Links

Until now, it has been difficult for marketers to track sales through Instagram. One of the major downsides of traditional Instagram posts is the inability to add clickable links in the captions. Instagram Stories solves that problem! Now any business account with over 10,000 followers has the ability to attach a clickable link to their Instagram story. This new feature makes it possible to track sales.

How to track sales with Instagram Stories

1. Provide each influencer with a unique or other trackable link that they are able to use in their Instagram Story featuring your product or service.

2. The influencer’s followers will have the option to swipe up and be redirected to a product page or your website.

3. Ensure that the influencer posts a clear call to action in the story (i.e. “swipe up to shop”).

4. Track each link and record the data for clicks, sales, and conversions.


Check out this blog post for more details on how to drive sales through IG Stories.


How to Use Instagram Stories to amplify your campaign


By adding Instagram Stories to your campaign, you can increase the number of touchpoints for your product or service, increasing visibility without the influencer having to post multiple times. 

Although Instagram Stories are usually short, they produce an incredibly high amount of engagement and are a great way to add extra amplification to your campaign as a whole. In addition to a traditional post, ask an influencer use an Instagram Story to draw their followers’ attention to a specific post in their feed.

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Ask the influencer to screenshot their IG feed and post it in their IG Story with directions for their followers to check out a specific post.

  2. Have the influencer talk directly about your campaign and encourage their followers to look at the corresponding Instagram post on their feed.

This ensures that anybody who may have missed the post on their own feed will be reminded to check it out. This is particularly helpful when the influencer is promoting a giveaway.

In comparison to Instagram pictures, which requires more thought, staging, and editing, Instagram Stories are an intimate glimpse into the influencers’ daily lives, making them even more authentic and engaging. Instead of looking at a picture of an influencer holding a product, you can now see the influencer actually using the product in a short, dynamic video. This allows the audience to see a much more personal side of the influencer as well as a captivating display of your product.

Also, you can look at Instagram Stories as a way to produce very short form video content to demonstrate how to use your product. Don’t have the budget to secure a 10-minute YouTube video? No problem! Asking the influencer to post a couple of IG Story videos with brief instructions telling how to use the product will save you big bucks.

Next, we’ll dive deeper into how brands can drive sales through Instagram Stories.

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