6 Ways to Drive Sales with YouTube Videos & Influencers

Thu Jun 04 2015

Here at AspireIQ, we've analyzed hundreds of videos and came up with a set of guidelines that all brands should follow if they're looking to maximize the click-thru rate (CTR) and conversion on sponsored videos.1) Find the right YouTube channel audience

First and foremost, the product(s) you're trying to promote need to match the natural content of the YouTuber you're partnering with.  Check out their videos and see if they've had successful videos on similar topics.  You can also use AspireIQ's audience analysis to see the gender/age/location of where their viewers are.

2) Dedicated video, no competing products

The biggest thing that affects CTR is actually how many other products are in the video, competing for viewers' attention.  In the case of dedicated videos, CTR is about 4-5x higher than videos that are promoting multiple products.  So if you're looking for the highest conversion rates, pay up for a dedicated video!

3) Have a memorable promotion

In order for viewers to take action and convert into a signup/sale from a video, they need to have a good reason. That reason is usually in the form of promotion like "$15 off" or "first purchase free" which encourages them to act quickly as well as use whatever tracking link or code the video is promoting, so you can easily attribute the sale.

4) Make sure the promo code + tracking link are prominent in the video

You'll see a 2-3x better CTR if you ensure that the video itself mentions the promotion AND how to redeem the promo, whether it be through a tracking link or promo code.  Best bet: have the promo code in an annotation in the video.

Additionally, the tracking link should be at the top of the video's description, not below the fold where the viewer has to click See More.

5) Brand names in titles can hurt the view count

Titles are a tradeoff between SEO and view counts.  Videos that have a brand's title tend to have 30-40% worse viewership, but also help the brand's SEO on YouTube.  So figure out which is more important to your campaign.

6) Get a minimum of 10 videos produced to analyze impact

At the end of the day, not every single video is going to be a homerun success.  Make sure you produce at least 10 videos with different YouTubers to get a sense of which 4-5 are the most successful, then double down on those creators by having them post for you every month!


If you've got a great product, people are going to want to promote it and buy it.  Just follow these steps and you'll have amazing content to help grow your business!

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