How to create value with your influencers this holiday season

Tue Nov 15 2016
Kate Nguyen

The holidays are a perfect time to mix-up your typical influencer marketing strategy. Here are some creative ways to partner with your influencers to make the most of it:

Create a unique holiday specific hashtag

Hashtags are the driving force around social media. Clicking on common hashtags will lead the user to other accounts or similar content. If you have a handful of influencers who work for your brand, consider creating a unique hashtag that represents your brand during the holiday season, and have all of your influencers use it on their posts. When clicked on, the hashtag will link users to your page as well as to your other influencers. This will be a great way to generate traffic to your holiday sales and get more eyes on your merchandise.

Another benefit of unique hashtags is your ability to track and measure the data they generate from users. You will easily be able to follow the conversations around your brand and get first-hand information about the most liked and talked about products that you offer.


Work with your influencers on user generated holiday Content

One of the cheapest and most creative ways to get unique content is to have your influencers engage with their audiences to create User Generated Content or “UGC.” UGC is any type of media that a fan organically creates that you can use for your own marketing purposes.

For example, a company that makes yoga leggings could create a UGC campaign by having their influencers engage their followers in a contest. They could ask their followers to post a picture in a yoga pose wearing the brand’s clothing for a chance to win a prize. All the photos that are submitted can then be repurposed and used for future content with their creator’s permission. This is an excellent way to get in touch with your organic fan base and increase your impressions.

The holidays are a perfect time for generating this type of content. You can also host a contest where fans generate content about who they will gift your products to, encourage fan videos of their holiday decorations and how your company has inspired them, or even provide new recipes that are relevant to your brand and have followers send in their best work. These submissions can be used for your own posts throughout the holidays.


Have your influencers post a daily holiday deal

Think of “12 Days of Christmas” or other holiday gifting schedule, and have your influencers do daily giveaways or give daily discounts on your products exclusively. In doing so, their fans will get daily face-time with your products as well as consistent encouragement to make purchases. During other times of the year, you will typically want to avoid having your influencers post too many sponsored posts at a time, but by angling this with a holiday theme, it makes perfect sense and will not overload followers with your products.

Some potential ideas for this type of campaign include:

  • A daily discount code that is only valid for certain products

  • A daily giveaway for a specific product that you give away to a different person each day

  • A code for a credit to your site that only one person can redeem

  • A combination of the three.


Give back

What are the holidays for if not for giving back to your community and the world? There is no better time to extend your charitable arm than during this time of year. You may find it best to partner with your influencers and ask them to provide ideas for charities or organizations that they are passionate about. If it suits your brand, allow them to craft their ideas and content surrounding the idea. The posts will feel and be much more authentic if the influencer can take creative control on a project they feel passionate about. If you have many influencers, you may want to choose one charitable topic to implement across all of them, and allow the influencers to choose how to best reach their followers with the promotion.

A charitable campaign could be an item donation for every item sold to a foundation or local organization, a financial matching for monetary donations, or any other physical gift that is within your means. If you are a smaller company and cannot afford to give away product or money, consider a video series that gives your viewers a call to action about giving back to their community, the environment, or anything else that’s dear to you and your business’ values.

Spread the holiday cheer

Even though the influencer/brand relationship is not a typical employer/employee scenario, you should treat your influencers as well as you would any employee who you value and respect. The holidays are a time to show how much you appreciate the work they put in to making your brand a success. After all, happy influencers become real fans, and real fans produce the most authentic and valuable content.

Some ideas to show your appreciation of your influencers can include gift baskets, bonuses, or a holiday treat from a local bakery. You can provide product of yours as well, but you shouldn’t expect the influencer to generate content around the gift you give (although they may want to). Make it clear that the gift is a thank you for the work they’ve done (handwritten cards are great!) and that you appreciate having them on your team.  This will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with them and letting them know that they made a great choice in working with you.

Overall, the holidays are a wonderful time to sing a different tune with the influencer community and deviate from your usual routine.  It’s also a time to spread cheer and gratitude to your network, and get involved in new ways. Keep an open mind and heart, spread the holiday wishes, and you’ll find it coming back to you in terms of priceless holiday cheer!

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