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How Purple, WE tv, & Aura Frames created more impact with AspireIQ Together

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time or bandwidth to manage your influencer relationships and scale your program? Look no further than AspireIQ Together. Like a true extension of your team, AspireIQ Together helps you build, manage, and grow your program for you.

Our team of experts will leverage all of their creative ideas and strategies to craft up a custom blueprint. All the while, you will have visibility into every aspect of your community with full access to the platform to oversee relationships, review content, and track performance. 

That’s why industry leading brands like Purple, WE tv, and Aura Frames enlisted the help of the AspireIQ Together team to launch their incredible campaigns. Here are their stories.


Prior to working with AspireIQ Together, Purple used traditional management methods like spreadsheets, emails, and Instagram DMs to build relationships and run campaigns. Between launching multiple campaigns and building relationships with many different people, Megan Crow, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Purple, was losing track of content, deliverables, and performance metrics on both a campaign and individual level. 

Then came AspireIQ Together. With the help of our team and our platform’s suite of management tools, Purple was able to automate tedious parts of campaigns — like sending terms and brand guidelines to each individual — and streamline communication with its community of influencers with all messages in one place. This ultimately led to building deeper, more long-term relationships with influencers.

In addition, the brand was able to find well-aligned influencers by using our smart search engine and source authentic content that could be repurposed across any channel. 

As a result, Purple scaled its influencer program by 3x each month. In just one quarter, the brand generated 2,000 pieces of content, gained 11.6 million impressions, and earned a campaign ROI of 260%. 

Download Purple’s story

WE tv

Before AspireIQ Together, WE tv worked with small boutique agencies, which focused on collaborating with a small rotating group of macro-influencers. According to Brian Tyrseck, Director of Marketing at WE tv, this process was very manual, expensive, and not data-informed. Not to mention, the macro-influencers the brand matched up with consistently underperformed the network’s celebrity talent on a week-to-week basis. 

The company needed a way to connect with on-brand influencers, manage relationships with them, and create a long-term solution that could increase engagement across the WE tv community, even between seasons of shows. So, the team invested in AspireIQ Together. 

AspireIQ Together helps Brian’s team vet, select, and communicate with as many as 20 creators on a given series campaign. WE tv constantly monitors the conversation between influencers and their audiences to gain insight on which story lines resonate the best, who the favorite cast members are, and so on. Because of the success WE tv has seen since partnering with AspireIQ-sourced influencers, the company now plans to build a long-term ambassador program to create an always-on extension of its internal marketing initiatives. 

Paired with the AspireIQ software, WE tv is able to analyze campaign performance in real-time, allowing the network to make data-informed decisions. For instance, to promote an upcoming season of Hustle and Soul, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Braxton Family Values, WE tv worked with two influencers, @nnennab and @nneunfiltered, to create hilarious reenactment videos of the promo videos for each show. In just a matter of days, the reenactment videos had well over half a million views and tens of thousands of likes and comments on the post, outperforming all of the other creative assets during the campaign. Brian plans to work with both influencers long-term as he builds out WE tv’s ambassador program.

Download WE tv’s story

Aura Frames

Aura Frames worked with small agencies to handle its influencer relationships prior to working with AspireIQ. However, instead of saving time, the brand was spending anywhere from 20-30% more time each week handling the back-and-forth communications and contract negotiations with the agencies. That’s when Christine Zalocha, VP of Marketing at Aura Frames, found AspireIQ Together as a solution to create and manage influencer campaigns while also freeing up time. 

Before working with AspireIQ Together, Aura Frames was only working with 5 influencers. But since joining forces with our team, the brand has scaled its community of influencers by 10x in about a quarter of the time. These well-aligned influencers created a variety of content that demonstrates its frame in a different home, with different people, giving the brand the contextual content they need to fuel their digital marketing.

Aura Frames was able to save 50% every month on its overall content budget by repurposing influencer-generated content across its digital marketing channels. The brand also found that 20% of its sales were attributed to influencer marketing or paid ads featuring influencer content, as per a post-checkout survey. 

Download Aura Frames’ story

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