Your Last-Minute Guide to Holiday Campaigns on Social Media

Thu Dec 12 2019
Kristie Eline
Best Practices

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just behind us, many brands are already in the thick of their holiday marketing campaigns. Each year, these campaigns start earlier and earlier – and for good reason. The endless amount of sales promotions can make it extremely difficult for brands to stand out, but influencer marketing delivers a level of authenticity that helps brands cut through the noise.

For most consumers, social media has become a key resource for discovering new products and brands, with 74% of consumers saying they use it to help with purchasing decisions. So, as brands look to get in front of consumers during the busiest time of year, it’s important to reach them where they already are.

Getting Started on Your Campaign

In an ideal world, you began planning your holiday campaign in October and have already seen a post or two start to trickle in. However, this time of year can be hectic and things don’t always go according to plan. If you’re just starting to think about your holiday campaign, don’t worry – it’s not too late!

We’ve compiled five best practices to pull together an effective holiday campaign in a pinch.

1. Tap into your existing brand community.

It’s the busiest time of year, which means getting a response can be difficult. However, reaching out to influencers, content creators, affiliates, and ambassadors that you’ve already worked with can significantly increase your response rate. Additionally, you can feel confident in knowing that they will meet deadlines and produce high quality content that their followers will love.

Pro tip: consider partnering with micro-influencers who have between 10-50K followers. On average, micro-influencers have a 41.7% higher engagement rate than macro-influencers, which means their followers are more likely to engage and act based on their post.

2. Crowdsourse content from your most loyal fan base.

In the age of social media, everyone has the ability to contribute to your campaign, whether it’s an influencer, content creator or customer. Identify fans who are already spreading the love by looking at who’s mentioning your brand on Instagram. Then, try reaching out and offering them free product or a gift in exchange for a post. Not only will they be more likely to respond, but their content will feel more authentic since they’re already talking about your brand organically. If you find yourself really getting down to the wire, try leveraging existing employees to create branded content or promote holiday sales.

3. Run an Instagram Story campaign.

When you approach someone to collaborate, remember that creating a full-length video or Instagram-worthy photo can be time consuming.Instagram Stories offer a less extensive alternative. In addition to being easy to make, they’re also highly engaging and actually make the shopping process easier for potential customers. Verified Instagram users or those with business accounts can include “swipe up” links in their Instagram Stories, which leads followers straight to the product page so they can make a purchase without ever leaving the app.

4. Host a holiday giveaway

The holidays are all about giving, so use this time to give back to your most loyal fans. Host a contest on Instagram and encourage your followers to post content to their social channels that showcases your product. Then, select a handful of lucky winners to receive a fun, holiday-themed gift basket. Not only does this help you get your content in front of new audiences, but you are also sourcing authentic content in the process.

5. Extend the holiday season.

Shopping season is not just limited to the day after Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up to Christmas. In fact, two-thirds of consumers say they continue their holiday shopping following the December holidays in hopes of scoring some last minute, end of year deals. So, maximize your holiday campaign and reach those consumers hunting for a deal by keeping it running through the first week of January.

Holiday campaigns can be some of the most engaging campaigns of the year, and it’s not too late to start. By partnering with the right creators and maximizing your content, you can quickly pull together your most effective campaigns yet.