Everything Brands Need to Know about Mommy Influencers

Mon Apr 01 2019
Jenn Kim
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This is part three in a four-part series about influencer marketing strategies for family and baby brands. Missed the first two? Catch up here:

As more and more parents dig through the internet for parenting advice and baby products, mommy influencers are becoming increasingly important in the conversation. In fact, over 4.3 million US mothers run blogs. Modern mothers control 85% of the household purchases and have spending power in the US of $2.4 trillion. Needless to say, mommy influencers wield tremendous power in the industry.

In this part of the series, we’ll discuss everything your brand needs to know when collaborating with mommy influencers. And while each influencer is unique, this blog provides four general points to keep in mind when working with them.

1. They create high-quality (and adorable) content.

For many creators in this industry, being an influencer is their full-time job (besides being a full-time parent, of course!). And because brand sponsorships are their main source of income, they take their content creation process very seriously. In return, your brand can always expect polished content that is ready to be published.

Mommy influencers are also able to post consistently because they’re capturing real moments they’re spending with their children. Their content by nature is very engaging, because who doesn’t like cute babies? Plus, they put a lot of care into keeping up a certain aesthetic on their feed, adding to the quality of their content.

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2. They have a really strong community.

Many mommy influencers — especially those who are new moms — have a very captivated audience. For new parents, social media is a real way to connect with other new parents and share their experiences, tips, and stories. It’s an easy and accessible way to build a community around the world!

Mommy influencers are known for sharing their honest, sentimental, and raw feelings with their online community. Because of the bonds they share, their audiences are extremely engaged with their everyday lives.

But here’s the best part about these tight-knit communities: your brand now has easy access to a pool of high-caliber creators. Many mommy influencers are well-acquainted with other high-quality creators, so your brand can discover, connect, and work with influencers who create similar content you already love!

3. They’re picky about the brands they promote.

Most influencers are particular about the brands they work with in order to maintain the authenticity of their feed. Promoting a faulty product or brand speaks poorly to their vetting process and could be detrimental to their personal brand. Exhibit A: the Fyre Festival disaster.

Mommy influencers are even more picky about the brands they work with because products for children, such as skincare and baby food, require a lot of care and caution. Most parents don’t use just any product for their children — they always strive to find the best of the best. So, the same thing goes for mommy influencers! They only promote products they genuinely love so that their followers can discover the same high-quality items for their babies.

And while they don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, remember that they have the freedom to try out a lot of different products. This brings me to my next point.

4. They’re sought after by many different brands.

Mommy influencers have many brands chasing after them. Because they create highly-engaging and high-quality content, brands outside of the parenting vertical also want to work with them. They frequently work with brands in the beauty, fashion, and home design industries. Some family and baby brands might not make the cut if there’s not enough incentive.

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So, how can you get the attention of these in-demand influencers?

First things first, offer payment in addition to free products! If anyone deserves monetary compensation, it’s mommy influencers. Not only do many of them run around chasing their kids every day, but they also put a lot of time and effort into capturing great content, editing their images, and writing meaningful captions.

Secondly, allow creative freedom so that they can produce truly authentic content. Having too many complicated guidelines and restrictions may put off influencers from working with your brand. Instead, work with mommy influencers who are creating content you already love. This is the best way to create organic content and build a relationship!

Are you ready to work with some mommy influencers? Check out part four, where we share our list of six up-and-coming influencers who are absolute #MomGoals.

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