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Everything Brands Need to Know About Health-Conscious Influencers

This is part 3 in a 4-part series about influencer marketing strategies for health & wellness brands. Missed the first two parts? Catch up here:

As we learned in the previous sections, the health & wellness industry is complex, offers innumerable products to research, and provides a wealth of information. The influencers that choose to align their routines and values to this industry become subject matter experts. They are open-minded but careful about new products that join the market on a daily basis. There might be a lot of products to wrap your head around, but there is also a lot to understand about the influencers themselves!

In this part of the series, we’ll tell you everything your brand needs to know when partnering with health & wellness influencers. And while each influencer is unique, this blog provides some broad points to keep in mind when working with them.

1. Take your time to personalize influencer messaging

Because the health & wellness industry is extremely saturated, you won’t be surprised to learn that these influencers are approached by many brands. It also might be inevitable that your product has a lot of competitors, so make sure you do your part to stand out by personalizing the messages and invites you send to influencers. Include a mission statement that is relatable, has appeal, and is relevant to them as individuals. Each influencer is unique, so you want to the messaging to come off just as unique to align with their values, routines, and content aesthetic.

They will be much more likely to accept the collaboration if they feel you appreciate their individuality and take the time to genuinely reach out.

2. They’re selective of what brands they decide to work with and represent

59% of health-conscious influencers stated that the number one reason to work with brands is that “their message aligns with mine.” Just as you strive to be strategic in selecting the right influencers to partner with for your brand, influencers are doing the exact same thing. You look for on-brand content, relevant demographics, and reasonable price points. On the flip side, health-conscious influencers look for products that are well-researched, marketed, and have a solid reputation in the space.

It’s important to make sure your brand measures up to these expectations because the health & wellness industry is extremely competitive and undergoing rapid change.

3. They value regular and organic check-ins from the brands they work with

At AspireIQ, we strongly urge our brands to foster meaningful and long-term relationships with the influencers they collaborate with. In the health & wellness industry, when an influencer decides to move forward with a partnership with your brand, they’re probably either trying your product for the first time or have already been an advocate for it. Either way, these health-conscious influencers appreciate the brand checking in to see how they like the product and how they are incorporating it into their wellness routine.

Use this opportunity to leverage influencers as your market research. Because they’re intimately interacting, using, and experiencing your product, you can set expectations about asking for their initial feedback. Make this a priority to improve your product, packaging, and resources. You can also use a detox or cleanse as a highlight reel that will surely make the influencer feel supported (see below)!

4. They’re highly engaged and in tune with their audience

Similar to the fitness industry, the health & wellness industry represents a community of like-minded individuals, all sharing excitement to either maintain or boost their well-being. Each influencer’s audience comprises their own tight-knit community. These followers heavily rely on influencers’ product reviews, ideas, and suggestions. Complimentary to that, the influencers rely on their audience to ask burning questions about their experiences with the product. This encourages influencers to connect on a deeper, more intimate level by acting as their confidant. Engagement rates are high and responses are authentic because the influencers want the best for their audience in their wellness journeys. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with well-informed influencers as they’ll become your product experts.

Up next, check out these six up-and-coming health & wellness influencers who might be perfect for your next campaign. Read part 4 here.

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