Unlock Engagement: Creating Authentic Ads With Influencer Content

Thu Aug 08 2019
Terilyn Walker
Best Practices

Influencer marketing in the traditional sense generates as much as 11X ROI compared to other digital marketing tactics. Yet, with 72 percent of marketers stating they plan to increase their usage of Instagram this year, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to reach their target audience for free.

That’s why top brands are putting up to seven figures into paid social media each month. Paid social can bring in massive returns. And despite the fortunes brands are allocating towards it, it is still more cost effective than traditional forms of media such as TV commercials, which can cost upwards of $115,000 for 30-second slots.

However, crafting the perfect message, choosing the correct ad placements and most importantly, the right images can be overwhelming when you first get started.

That is why many brands are skipping creating new ads sets all together. Instead, they are simply identifying influencer posts that perform well organically and boosting them to an even larger targeted audience.

You might be thinking, why would I put ad spend behind an existing influencer post rather than a new post on my owned Instagram or Facebook?

By boosting influencers’ posts, brands can:

Improve ad performance

The proof is in the pudding. Images account for 85 percent of an ad’s performance and influencer content sees 8x the engagement compared to brand-directed images. Why? Because influencer content is tailor-made for social media by people whose entire career is built on creating content that influences the purchase decisions of their followers.

Influencer generated content (IGC) does not disrupt the social media user experience as much as a sponsored post coming directly from a brand does because it showcases real consumers having genuine experiences. Today, banner blindness is at an all time high, and consumers can spot an out-of-place advertisement from a mile away. If authenticity is the goal, what’s more stark on a users feed than a photoshopped model in a staged background using a product they may or may not have even tried?

Capitalize on influencers’ brand equity

Influencers spend years building positive reputations as tastemakers in their space. People follow them specifically for product recommendations and reviews. Being associated with well-known influencers in your space will have a positive outcome for brands looking to boost recognition and brand affinity amongst a target audience.

Craft different messages for different audiences

Because influencers come from all walks of life, boosting different influencers’ posts gives brands the ability to target a diverse group of people with an endless amount of perspectives, locations, and life stages. For example, if a performance marketing team needs to advertise in a new region, demographic, or language, they can tap into the well of content creator’s ad-ready creative, tailored to that audience.

Why brands boost influencer posts

Increase trust

Influencer content acts as the ultimate testimonial. Influencers will always be able to tell better brand stories than even the most sophisticated marketing teams because consumers look to their peers for validation when making purchase decisions, not brands themselves. Instead of saying “this is why our brand is great”, a reliable third party shows others how your product or service has solved a pain point in their life.

Boost sales

Unlike organic posts, boosting influencer posts gives you the ability to leverage Facebook Ad’s set of targeting options – Allowing you to target even the most granular audiences. And once you’ve built your target audience, you can encourage them to convert with call-to-actions ranging from “shop now,” “visit profile,” or “learn more”. In order to boost sales, direct people straight to a product page or website.

Spread social proof

People use Instagram to communicate and discover. Because influencers are consumers themselves, they resonate with other shoppers who look to them for product recommendations. By promoting influencer content, brands provide new audiences with social proof from reputable sources. If an Instagram user sees an influencer they trust promote a new product, the trust is then transferred to the brand itself.

How to get started

In order to boost posts, gaining advertiser access from the influencers you work with gives you the most control over targeting and media spending. Once you have advertiser access, the influencer’s Instagram Account will appear in the Instagram section of your Business Settings in Facebook Ads Manager.

Advertiser access allows brands to:

  • Boost influencers’ posts
  • Run ads through influencers’ business accounts
  • Create lookalike audiences
  • Use all of Facebook Ads Managers highly customizable targeting options to target audiences in whatever way you see fit
  • Create ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even stories

Historically, gaining advertiser access was a time-consuming process. Between manually approaching and negotiating with each influencer, then tracking and following up with each relationship to confirm if access was granted, you’d spend days of back and forth communications.

Fortunately, with Brand Access Manager (BAM), AspireIQ has made it possible for brands to seamlessly turn branded content into paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

For information on Brand Access Manager, contact your Campaign Manager or reach out to us at [email protected].