#CollabOfTheWeek: rue21 x @julesaurora

Tue Apr 09 2019
Jenn Kim
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Every smart marketer knows that it’s extremely important to understand your audience. And, of course, this also rings true when it comes to influencer marketing. To run a successful influencer marketing campaign, you must target your audience through high-quality influencers who can speak for your brand in an authentic way.

This is why we love rue21’s collaboration with Jules Aurora Manalo, or @julesaurora.

rue21 is an affordable clothing brand that sells trendy pieces for men, women, and plus size customers. More recently, the brand started looking for an easier way to source unique content that would resonate with its target customers. So, they turned to influencers who could showcase a rue21 product in a way that was authentic to their style.

This is when rue21 found Jules.

Jules is a singer, songwriter, and actress who appeared as a finalist on American Idol as well as The X Factor USA. In 2016, Jules started expanding her social media presence by posting weekly covers on Instagram and YouTube. Since then, she has not only gained thousands of devoted followers, but she’s also collaborated with many leading brands—primarily in the fashion and beauty industries.

With her eye-catching style and creativity, Jules was able to capture a beautiful image that was true to her own taste.

Why was their collaboration so successful?

  • The influencer freely expressed herself. The brand gave Jules enough creative freedom to style the fashion item in her own way. They didn’t give her extensive guidelines or limits, leading to a very authentic collaboration. (See: Ask an Influencer: How to Have Authentic Paid Partnerships)
  • The brand repurposed the content on their own channels. rue21 loved Jules’ content so much that they repurposed it on their own Instagram, Facebook, and website. And because influencer-generated content (IGC) generates over 8 times the engagement rate of brand-directed content on social media, repurposing her content made the brand’s feed more eye-catching and engaging, giving their partnership additional value.
  • The brand was able to create a long term relationship with the creator. Because Jules created stunning content for the brand before, this second collaboration was a natural next step. With multiple collaborations, rue21 was eventually able to build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with Jules. Their ongoing relationship ensured that the brand would always receive polished, high-performing content, and it provided Jules with a guaranteed brand partnership.

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