Best B2B Influencer Marketing Software for 2019

Tue Sep 03 2019
Brittany Fleit

Are you managing your influencer program via spreadsheets?

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

Maybe you’ve worked with a few influencers and you’re looking to scale your strategy beyond what a spreadsheet is capable of handling. Or maybe you’re currently using a platform that doesn’t offer the solutions you need.

Whatever the case, having the right influencer software is essential to your digital marketing success. You need access to influencer marketing software with the right services and features.

Below, we outline what all successful businesses need their influencer platform to do. Then, we offer some additional solutions that can round out your tech stack and help you scale your strategy to infinity and beyond.

Starting with the first, there are four key things that software should help you do. Let’s dive into them.

Features of the Best Influencer Marketing Software

Filter Influencers by Specific Query

Finding the perfect influencer for your campaign — both micro-influencers and macro — is no easy feat.

You can approach looking for Instagram influencers a few different ways. Try using a software to search by:

  • • Relevant keywords
  • • Industry hashtags
  • • Mentions
  • • Demographics
  • • Locations
  • • And even images, to find influencers who share a similar aesthetic

To make things more convenient, some platforms, like AspireIQ, also surface recommendations based on a machine learning analysis of your content and audience demographics.

Create Custom Content for Every Marketing Channel

Once you’ve started working with the right influencers and launched a few influencer campaigns, you should have a plethora of custom content in your library.

But don’t let this go to waste! The right software can help you organize and manage this content, so you can leverage influencer content on more than just your organic social channels — repurposing it across channels.

Why? Influencer-generated content, or IGC, is:

  • Authentic: Content from influencers and real customers resonates better with audiences
  • Diverse: IGC lets you customize all of your marketing content to your different audiences
  • High-performing: According to Forrester, IGC on social media earns more than 8x times the engagement rate of brand-directed content
  • Conversion-driven: According to Nielsen, IGC has an 88% greater impact on increasing brand affinity than even user reviews

The opportunities for where you can repurpose are nearly limitless: organic and paid social, emails, blogs, paid ads, and even offline experiences. You don’t have to just repurpose influencer-generated content, either. You can repurpose all types of user-generated content as well.

If you need some inspiration, check out this campaign from beauty brand Glossier, which repurposed IGC on billboards to activate offline touchpoints and spark conversations with consumers.

To learn more, check out The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Influencer Content.

Enjoy Fully Managed Campaigns

If you want to maintain control of your campaigns, but don’t have the time to execute, don’t fret. You can lean on a service to do the heavy lifting for you. An agency, or even a platform that offers managed services (like AspireIQ), can assist with strategizing and executing influencer campaigns for you.

Unlike some traditional agencies, with a platform, the pros are that you can rely on the expertise, speed, and transparency of a team that can take care of all the details for you. Here are some perks:

  • Campaign Planning: Depend on a partner that can develop a winning creative strategy across the channels of your choice
  • Flawless Execution: Let them seamlessly find and manage more influencer and celebrity relationships, saving you time
  • Measure, learn, optimize: See reporting on social engagement, media value, and campaign ROI — then re engage with top performing talent

So if you have your hands full, this is a great option to lean on — especially if you work with a platform that offers a managed service on top. It’s an all-in-one win.

Access a Payment Management System

When you’ve built relationships with influencers, created a library, and executed on campaigns, there’s still one other thing you need to consider.

Payment, of course.

Following up with individual influencers, ensuring they’ve delivered on content, managing all those contracts — it all takes a ton of time. A platform can automate some of that work for you.

Whether you choose to pay via product vs. payment, or both, find a service that provides a PayPal integration that makes it easy to streamline payment — no billing department required.

Now that you know what you should look for in an influencer platform, let’s move on to the tools that will help you successfully launch influencer marketing campaigns.

The Industry’s Best Influencer Marketing Software

When it comes to influencer marketing, we’ve established that you need a solution that will help you:

  • Identify key influencers. See who’s already mentioned you or filter through 2M+ influencers, affiliates, photographers, and content creators by any keyword, audience demographic or metric to find your champions.
  • Make data-driven decisions. Our beautiful dashboard tracks the full impact of your influencer program as well as the impact of the content on your marketing funnel, allowing you to reinvest in the people and content that performs the best.
  • Manage creative communities. Creator Relationship Management tools empower you to work with hundreds of people at once, with dozens of automation features and workflow customization options.
  • Source content at scale. Turn your creator community into a content engine. Generate thousands of custom images, videos, and assets for paid ads, website, social, and more.

That’s where AspireIQ comes in. We’re here to help you streamline influencer discovery, management, and analytics, so that you can focus on what really matters: building authentic relationships.

With AspireIQ, customers can identify key influencers in their space, scale their strategy to work with hundreds of influencers at once, generate thousands of custom assets, and track the full impact of your influencer program as well as the impact of the content on your marketing funnel, to reinvest in the people and content that performs the best.

Once customers generate influencer content — which can be hundreds of diverse assets for the cost of a single photo shoot — they can repurpose those images and videos across channels, like blogs, emails, and paid ads. The result: customers can serve the content that resonates to the right audience on the right channel.

If brands don’t have the bandwidth to manage campaigns on their own, AspireIQ offers an in-house service that does the heavy lifting. It can find and manage influencer relationships, as well as fully produce, shoot, and edit bespoke video content with unlimited production of commercial assets.

And of course, AspireIQ makes payment a breeze. It automates all of your contract and collaboration agreements with features like Mass Invites and Auto Messaging, and handles your 1099s for you.

AspireIQ offers basic, pro, and enterprise plans that depend on the number of campaigns running at once, as well as manage campaigns for customers who need a partner to execute campaigns for them. Explore plans for the most powerful influencer relationship management and discovery platform here. Or if you’re ready now, request your personalized demo.

Round Out Your Tech Stack

Smart marketers are armed with the best tools to get the job done. Here are 6 other tools that will help you turn your images into shoppable posts, schedule your social media calendar, and help perform social listening.

1. Curalate


Curalate lets you make any social channel shoppable, leverage user-generated content (UGC), and activate influencers — all to sell more effectively online.

Diving into specifics, Curalate takes images and videos created by brands, their fans, and their influencers to lower bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and grow order values, essentially making social posts more shoppable.


Curalate doesn’t list plans online, but users interested in making Instagram shoppable, leverage user-generated content (UGC), and activate influencers can request a demo here.

2. Later


Later helps you visually plan, schedule, and analyze posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, helping you spend less time posting to social and more time growing your business. Some of Later’s standout features are a visual content calendar, feed preview, and automatic scheduling.

For brands that work with influencers, Later helps them find and repost influencer-generated content.


Plans range from free to $9 for individuals and $19-49 for businesses. Business plans offer multiple social profiles per platform and a higher number of scheduled posts. See more information about Later’s plans here.

3. Hootsuite


Now that you have a few channels covered, turn to Hootsuite for the rest of your social media needs. Hootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content easier. Customers can schedule hundreds of posts across social channels, measure engagement, and surface conversations to understand what people say about your brand, competitors, and industry.


Hootsuite offers a free plan that lets one user manage two social profiles and schedule up to 30 posts at a time. For brands scaling beyond this, paid plans range from $29-599 per month. Find more information about Hootsuite’s plans here.

4. BuzzSumo


Marketers have used Buzzsumo to augment their content marketing strategies for years. Buzzsumo empowers brands to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor, then find the key influencers to promote content. It’s a great tool to have in your tech stack.

On top of that, Buzzsumo has a tool specifically for influencer marketing. Customers can find influencers around a topic, review what they share, and maintain outreach lists.


Buzzsumo plans range from $79-499 per month, with discounts for non-profits and educational institutions. The lowest-tiered plan allows brands to track for 5 alerts and receive 5,000 mentions, while the highest plan offers 50+ alerts. Learn more about BuzzSumo’s pricing here.

5. Dash Hudson


Dash Hudson offers brands a way to measure the performance of influencers, ambassadors, events, gifting programs, and partnerships to see how different relationships drive results. It also helps when it comes to converting audiences from photos and videos, by taking users from Instagram engagement to checkout on a brand’s website.


Dash Hudson does not list its pricing on its site, but brands interested in its service can visit its website for more information.

6. Quid


Quid is a social listening tool that searches, analyzes and visualizes the written content across the web. Customers can view interactive data to better understand customers, competitors, and their market. Then, they can dive deeper into areas of interest or find opportunities to meet customer needs, build awareness, and mitigate risk.


Quid doesn’t list pricing or plans on their site, but interested users can request a demo here.

Partner With the Best Influencer Marketing Software

There you have it! All the info you need about AspireIQ’s industry-leading influencer marketing platform, as well as six other tools that will help you become an influencer marketing hero. If you have any questions, reach out — we’d love to assist you on your journey.

Looking to get started with influencer marketing? Schedule your demo here.

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