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AspireIQ’s top blog posts of 2020

The ball has dropped and the numbers are in. As we enter the new year, we’ve compiled our most popular blog posts of 2020. After you’ve checked them all out, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on all of the informative blog posts we have coming this year. 

1. The evolution of influencer marketing — past, present, & future

When you think about it, the concept of influencer marketing has been around for longer than many of us can recall. Before there was social media, people relied on what they saw in print ads, radio, and television for product recommendations. In this blog, we walk through a brief history of influencer marketing and discuss what lies ahead as we prepare to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.

2. How do I find brand ambassadors on Instagram?

To the untrained eye, building a successful brand ambassador program on Instagram seems relatively simple. But every social media manager knows that it’s no easy feat. In order to build a lucrative program, you first need to find the right people to represent your brand. This blog outlines the best ways to find the ideal ambassadors who will seamlessly incorporate your brand into their lifestyle and maintain their authenticity throughout the partnership.

3. Up and coming Black influencers to watch 

In this blog post, we compiled a list of a few of our favorite Black influencers to watch in 2020 and beyond. In addition to their amazing content creation skills, all of these influencers have been AspireIQ vetted and rated with exceptionally high (above 90%) follower authenticity, comment sentiment, and engagement quality!

4. Why diversity in ads is more important than ever for revenue

In recent years, diversity was a suggestion that many brands continued to ignore and get by with no repercussions. But today, inclusion is a down-right must-have for all businesses. In fact, many consumers are boycotting brands all together if they don’t see themselves represented in advertisements. This post covers what diversity in marketing means and why diversity in advertisements matters more now than ever.

5. How three brands launched from communities

Engaging a community has proven to be good for business. In fact, some companies were actually inspired by passionate communities of people who were searching for products or services that would fuel their fire. This blog describes how 3 brands, including Levi’s and Weight Watchers, launched from communities.

6. Community & the future of commerce

From day one, we’ve believed a person’s voice would be amplified by their passion, not their follower count, and that ordinary individuals had more power than ever to amplify, and influence, the brands they cared about. This blog from our CEO Anand Kishore covers why innovative brands began successfully tapping into their community to power their entire marketing engine, as well as why investing in people rather than channels is critical for commerce success in 2020 and beyond.

7. [Aspire Higher] The power of community-generated content

Aspire Higher is a speaker series that started in 2020 where we bring together top marketers from leading brands to get their perspectives on marketing trends and best practices. In this session, our very own Senior Marketing Strategist, Madison Smith, moderated a discussion about how to repurpose community-generated content to inject authenticity into campaigns, connect with target audiences, and drive organic growth. 

8. How to measure community marketing success

Your community can provide value in one or many ways. But in order to accurately measure the impact your community has on your business, you must understand what you’re looking for. This blog breaks down 5 best practices to track your community health and the business impact of your community-centric campaigns.

9. Going beyond performance marketing: How to diversify from Facebook, Google, & Amazon advertising

When it comes to ads and SEO, relying heavily on Facebook, Google, and Amazon to sell your products is not the most profitable — nor productive — way to grow your business. These tech giants control the major channels for your business, which means you’re essentially a commodity and you’re bidding for the customers they own. In this blog, we discuss how brands can free themselves from relying on Facebook, Google, and Amazon advertising alone. 

10. How to navigate influencer partnerships in an uncertain time 

Now more than ever, people are jumping on social media to connect with one another and find content that can get their minds off of the current coronavirus heaviness. In order to engage with these consumers, brands need to lean into their social media-savvy brand partners — influencers and brand ambassadors — to tell real, meaningful, relevant stories during these uncertain times. In this blog, our Director of Marketing Strategy shares 4 tips for carrying out influencer partnerships in these uncertain times, with real-life examples of brands that are doing it well. 

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