28 Reasons We're Thankful — AspireIQ Thanksgiving

Wed Nov 27 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the things we are grateful for — including our professional lives. Since Thanksgiving this year falls on November 28th, we had twenty-eight employees share why they are thankful to work at AspireIQ.

Here’s what they said.

  • 1. “I’m thankful that my voice is heard and I am able to be a thought leader in an industry I'm passionate about!” — Madison Smith, Senior Marketing Strategist
  • 2. “I have the opportunity to wear many different hats and contribute to projects across different teams! This experience is so valuable, especially for someone early in their career.” — Sarah Cragin, SDR Team Lead
  • 3. “Through the education budget and many other resources made available to me, AspireIQ has helped me follow my dreams of becoming a web developer one day. I am forever grateful.” — Noah Kruse, Implementation Manager
  • 4. “I’m grateful for the people and the good intent with which we are trying to grow this company.” — Samir Chugh, Director of Engineering
  • 5. “I’m thankful for the positive impact it has on my work relationships — I've met two of my best friends (also my work wives) through AIQ. I’m also grateful for the positive impact it has on my emotional wellbeing and work-life balance. With my remote flexibility, as an introvert, I'm able to reground in my own environment to come back to the office rejuvenated.” — Melissa Muncy, Content & Email Marketer
  • 6. “I'm thankful to work at AspireIQ because I work alongside extremely intelligent, empathetic, and supportive people. Truly honored to have met everyone here.” — Maya Church, Technical Sourcer
  • 7. “I get to do a job that I love from anywhere in the world!” — Terilyn Walker, Content Marketing Manager
  • 8. “I’m thankful that coming into work everyday feels like coming home. I'm so lucky to work with people that feel like family in an environment where we're continually learning and constantly supported. I've never found a team like I have at AspireIQ, and I wouldn't be half as successful without these superstars around me!” — Alyssa Voydat, Inbound Team Lead & Senior Enterprise OBR
  • 9. “I get to work for a company that invests in its employee's growth and I get to collaborate with thoughtful, engaged, kind people everyday!” — Leila Shooshani, Business System Manager
  • 10. “I’m thankful that the leadership actually cares about the company, product, and employees.” — Jessie Flores, Recruiter
  • 11. “Whenever I'm stuck on a difficult problem, or even if I just look like I'm thinking hard, the people around me will ask if I need help or if I need a sounding board. Everyone is so supportive and is always willing to help. I can't imagine a better place to work and learn!” — Sohil Kshirsagar, Software Engineer
  • 12. “I'm grateful to have such smart, talented, and creative teammates to push me to be better every day. Everyone is always available to help with projects and lend their perspective on how to improve things. You don't always find such a collaborative and fun group of people to work with — I definitely feel lucky at AspireIQ.” — Brittany Fleit, Director of Content Marketing
  • 13. “I have never worked with so many highly skilled, and at the same time awesome to be around people before AspireIQ.” — Levi Robertson, Front-End Developer
  • 14. “I’m grateful for the overall culture that is built collectively from each team member.” — Steven Lujan, Managed Campaign Associate
  • 15. “I’m thankful that I get to work with my best friend!” — Jordan Holoboski, Software Engineer
  • 16. “I’m thankful for the friendly work environment and ability to learn and grow personally and professionally.” — Briana Hansen, Creator Support
  • 17. “I get to wake up every morning and work with so many diverse and talented people to create together! I feel incredibly lucky to have this job!” — Anand Kishore, CEO
  • 18. “I get to be apart of a new category in the tech industry and that feels exciting.” — Ashley Cook, Creator Support Lead
  • 19. “I’m thankful for my awesome, supportive colleagues!” — Jennifer Rose, Senior Campaign Manager
  • 20. “Working at AspireIQ has connected me with individuals who truly care about each other as people, not just colleagues.” — Stephanie Benjamin, Creative and Brand Manager
  • 21. “I’m thankful for the flexible remote work policy that allows me to collaborate with my team around the world!” — Jenn Kim, Content Marketing Specialist
  • 22. “It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity to both build an amazing product from the ground up and work with some amazing people to build a great team together.” — Suhaas Prasad, CTO
  • 23. “I’m thankful for the great energy and lively coworkers that make coming into work enjoyable.” — Josh Choi, SDR
  • 24. “The people are all so amazing and I’m so happy to work beside them!” — Jeanine Dunlap, Director of People Ops
  • 25. “I’m thankful for the people I have the opportunity to work with and the steps Aspire takes to make sure were in a good mental space outside of work.” — Jonathan Rojas, Brand Support
  • 26. “The people are amazing, and I truly feel like my thoughts and ideas are valued here!” — Missy Feola, Creator Support Representative
  • 27. “I’m grateful for my amazing coworkers who inspire me with their passion and hard work!” — Misheel Enkhbat, SDR
  • 28. “I get lots of belly rubs and head scratches!” — Teddy, Chief Executive Pup

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