AspireIQ’s 2019 Year in Review

Mon Jan 06 2020
Terilyn Walker

Can you believe we just witnessed the end of a decade? While 2019 was good to us, we’re excited for what’s in store in this new era.

As we enter into the roaring twenties, we want to say thank you to our community of clients, network of creators, and all-star employees. Together, we’ve made some amazing strides this year.

In 2019, we worked with a record number of top brands, ramped up our events program in an effort to bring together innovative marketers from across the country, and connected with more creators than ever before.

Additionally, AspireIQ was recognized as a winner of the 2019 Bay Area Best Places To Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. We are so honored that our team members have evaluated working at AspireIQ so highly. As a company that started back in 2013, we’ve seen tremendous growth over the past 5 and 1/2 years. With offices in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Denver, we’ve grown more than 400% since 2017.

But our accomplishments as a team don’t stop there. Nestled between the likes of Kylie Jenner, and Emily Weiss was one of our Co-Founders, Eric Lam, who was ranked as #19 in MartechSeries’ 100 Most Influential People in Influencer Marketing. Thousands of individuals were considered but this list consists of top influencers, creators, CEOs, journalists, and technologists who are “focused on driving influencer marketing forward”. We’re immensely proud of Eric. His leadership has contributed to the growth of our company and the industry as a whole.

And thanks to our amazing network of brands and creators.

In 2019, brands used AspireIQ to:

  • • Complete a total of 74K collaborations
  • • Reach 9.64B Instagram and YouTube subscribers
  • • Generate $30.3M in content value, compared to $15M in 2018
  • • Generate 108K social media posts, compared to 59.9K in 2018
  • • Equip brands with 119K pieces of branded content, compared to 56.3K in 2018

Top features of 2019

This year we added dozens of features to continue helping brands streamline their influencer marketing process and achieve their goals.

Created to improve your speed

Brand Access Manager

Without the proper workflow tools, back-and-forth communications makes asking for and gaining advertiser access from more than a handful of creators at once can become a time-intensive process. With Brand Access Manager, brands can seamlessly turn branded content into paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

Mass Terms

It would be incredibly painful to send collaboration terms to dozens, or even hundreds of influencers one-by-one. Brands can now send collaboration terms to creators in bulk. This allows brands to save time while increasing efficiency.

Created to empower you to make better decisions

Advanced Social Listening

With this improved feature, any brand mention by in an image, caption, or comment with more than 400 likes will be captured on AspireIQ. This advanced version will give brands more accurate and more reliable data to monitor and evaluate their brand’s social presence through our analytics.

Audience Demographic Search

Brands can now search for creators based on demographic information of their audiences. Narrow search results by audience age, location, gender, and more. This means you can find creators with audiences that align with your own.

What to expect in 2020

The AspireIQ team has prided ourselves in truly listening to the needs of the customers and building tools and services that address their concerns. We’ve noticed a shift in the industry to focus more on authenticity and one-to-one communications. As a company, we are on a mission to help brands tap into their communities to bring the human touch back to marketing.

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