Ask an influencer: Why is brand community so important?

Wed Mar 25 2020
Terilyn Walker
Ask An Influencer

If you aren’t already following New-York based content creators, Nnenna B. (@nnennab) and Nneoma (@nneunfiltered), you’re missing out! Between their amazing lifestyle content and their side splitting reenactment videos, you’ll be sure to get your daily dose of entertainment on your feed.

We’ve heard brands such as Glossier talk about the importance of community building to drive advocacy, but we wanted to get the perspective of influencers – those who play a crucial role in facilitating daily conversations about products and services. So, we linked up with this creative duo to get their take on influencers’ impact on modern day marketing, the importance of authenticity, and the importance of brand community. For the full interview, watch below or keep reading!

How did you two meet?

Nneoma: So we actually first met on social media — I think it was Facebook. And since then, we’ve been friends!

What kind of content do you create?

Nnenna: All sorts of content! You’ve got the comedy, you’ve got the fashion, the lifestyle…

Nneoma: We don’t really like to be boxed in. l think my social media sort of reflects my life and my growth and things that I enjoy. We both have a taste of humor. We both love beauty, lifestyle, living. I mean, duh!

You’ve been in the industry for a while. Why do you think influencers have played such an important role in modern marketing?

Nneoma: Influencers do a great job at bridging the gap with brands. A lot of times, brands don’t necessarily know how to connect with their audience. They have great products or a great service, but it’s more so like how do we bridge that gap? How do we make it authentic? How do we make it genuine? I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of brands are sort of moving away from the traditional advertising and moving more towards social media because this is where actual conversations are being spoken.

Nnenna: I think influencers are able to resonate with their audience simply because they’re real people. You know, we never really think of brands as real people because you never really have someone, like a spokesperson, in front of the company to talk about whatever the case may be when they’re advertising. Whereas with influencers, you’re following their life.

Nneoma: Even when it comes to celebrities versus influencers, a lot of times you have more of a personal connection with content creators or influencers. With celebrities, you can tell there’s sort of a wall.

Nnenna: You know, celebrities don’t really respond to comments when their fans comment on their Instagram pictures. I hear all the time in my DMs people saying, “You’re like my best friend in my head,” you know? So if that’s your best friend and she’s telling you about a product, you’re going to be more inclined to want to find out about it.

Why do you think building a community is so important for brands?

Nneoma: As a consumer, I think community building is so important for us, as fans and just regular people that are interacting or engaging with the product, because we want to know that we’re not being talked at. We’re being talked with.

Nnenna: It makes you feel like you’re a part of what’s going on with that brand, you know? It’s no longer just like what [Nneoma was] saying, that we’re being talked to, we’re being talked with. We actually have a say and we can make a difference.

Nneoma: And it’s something that brands will never be able to do alone. You need people to talk about these services and these products in a way that is authentic to them. It really makes your brand stand out that much more because there’s thousands of brands online.

How can brands better engage with their communities?

Nneoma: Literally create content that is for the consumer that you are marketing to. Hire me! Haha. But really, finding those right influencers, finding the right content, interacting, you know, it really makes your brand stand out that much more because there’s thousands of brands out online.

There’s nothing like being able to really connect with your audience. And I think that’s something that brands are starting to realize.