7 Eco-Friendly Beauty Bloggers That Will Make You Want to Go #Green

Wed Jul 11 2018
Skye Pestana
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Source: @stylemesustainable

More and more people are becoming concerned with their personal health, our planet's health, and how the beauty products they use affect them. Many consumers find themselves on the hunt for more natural and green alternatives to the products they have used in their daily life.—including their makeup and beauty products.

It can be time-consuming for consumers to do the research needed to find eco-friendly brands on their own. In many cases, they turn to reviews and recommendations on social media. Luckily, the community of #Green bloggers and social media influencers who promote their favorite products is growing!

AspireIQ makes it easy for eco-friendly brands to find and collaborate with influencers who create high-quality beauty content and have an audience that cares about using products that are good for them and the Earth.


@Organicbunny - 122k followers

Often sporting a bright lip color, Organic Bunny’s makeup-focused posts are proof that natural beauty does not have to mean a makeup-free look. She understands that most people don’t have the time to research and personally try every product, so she does the work for them!

Perfect Fit For: Organic beauty, hair care, jewelry and organic/health food brands

Most Mentioned Brand: 100 Percent Pure

Audience Interests:

  • 61.9% restaurants, food & grocery
  • 59.8% healthy lifestyle
  • 57.1% beauty & cosmetics
  • 50.0% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories

@Juiceandberries - 31.4k followers

Jordan lives by the phrase “health and wellness is what real beauty is all about”. Her hair, makeup and lifestyle all show her natural beauty. She has worked with a variety of brands including MeUndies, Swimsuits For All, Yuni Beauty, and Briogeo Hair Care.

Perfect Fit For: Organic beauty, hair care, activewear and health food brands

Most Mentioned Brand: Carol’s Daughter

Audience Interests:

  • 47.4% beauty & cosmetics
  • 45.1% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • 44.7% friends, family & relationships

Audience Brand Affinity: Kinky-Curly

@veganbeautyreview - 67k followers

Sunny creates bright, colorful and fun content. She authored her own DIY beauty book  highlighting vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free skin and hair products, just like her Instagram feed. She has worked with brands such as iHerb, Health Warrior, Splendies, and Aubrey’s Organics.

Perfect Fit For: Yoga clothing, natural beauty, vegan food and nail care brands

Most Mentioned Brand: 100 Percent Pure

Audience Interests:

  • 75.6% restaurants, food & grocery
  • 68.5% healthy lifestyle
  • 53.6% beauty & cosmetics

Audience Brand Affinity: Tarte Cosmetics

@Samwormser - 17.4k followers

Sam is a San Diego beach-lover who makes high quality content. Her blog, The Salty Twig, focuses on many aspects of her lifestyle, all with health and wellness in mind.

Perfect Fit For: Activewear, natural beauty, organic food, and bohemian style fashion brands

Most Mentioned Brand: Free People

Audience Interests:

  • 60.2% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • 51.5% travel, tourism & aviation
  • 43.5% restaurants, food & grocery

Audience Brand Affinity: Zara

@Stylemesustainable - 13.7k followers

Jessika is all about living a sustainable lifestyle, whether it be the products she uses, the food she eats, or the clothes she wears. Her content makes the eco-friendly lifestyle look fun!

Perfect Fit For: Beauty, organic food, accessories, and skincare brands

Most Mentioned Brand: Amour Vert

Audience Interests:

  • 68.1% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • 51.2% travel, tourism & aviation
  • 45.2% beauty & cosmetics

Audience Brand Affinity: Travelgram

@Treasuresandtravels - 44.5k followers

Sisters Teagan and Lindsay started their blog to share home decor inspirations, their favorite recipes, DIYs and, of course, green beauty. The duo create amazing content and have worked with the Article, Pink House Organics and Pure Leaf brands.

Perfect Fit For: Baby clothes, home decor, vegan food, fashion and beauty brands

Most Mentioned Brand: Frank and Oak

Audience Interests:

  • 48.3% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • 45.0% restaurants, food & grocery
  • 43.8% travel, tourism & aviation

Audience Brand Affinity: Zara

 @uptoclaudia - 17.8k followers

Claudia is a jetsetter, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of practicing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In just the past few months she has created content for Briogeo Hair Care and Volition Beauty.

Perfect Fit For: Hair care, activewear, health food, beauty and travel brands

Most Mentioned Brand: OSEA Malibu

Audience Interests:

  • 60.8% clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories
  • 56.5% restaurants, food & grocery
  • 49.0% friends, family & relationships


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