5 Best Practices for a Successful Influencer Marketing Holiday Campaign [Updated Sept. 2020]

Tue Sep 22 2020
Terilyn Walker
Best Practices

The holidays are approaching! Yes, some of us haven’t even thought about Halloween yet, but it seems like holiday marketing campaigns start earlier and earlier each year; not without good reason. Running a holiday campaign that does not get lost in the sea of never ending sales promotions, requires brands to get creative. That is why many brands turn to influencers to create content that will reach targeted consumers.

Brands who are wondering how to plan and execute successful holiday-themed social media campaigns, look no further. We’ve compiled five of the best practices marketers should keep in mind when planning influencer campaigns during the most wonderful time of the year.

Think ahead and set a timeline

Brands should secure their campaign roster by the end of August. Remember that influencers are real people with lives outside of social media. This means that they will be traveling and taking time away from content creation to spend with their families. There is also an increase in brands reaching out to influencers during this time of year. Therefore, influencers’ content calendars will fill up quickly, so be sure to give them ample time to respond and create content.

We’ve created a calendar with a sample collaboration timeline. Brands can use these dates as guidelines when creating their own campaign timeline to ensure that all of their content is posted on time for Black Friday and Christmas.

Partner with influencers you’ve already worked with

In order to increase your chances of getting a response, collaborate with influencers who you’ve already partnered with earlier in the year. Influencers who have a previous relationships with a brand are more likely to accept collaboration proposals, and you can feel confident in knowing that they will meet deadlines and produce high quality content.

Keep in mind, that as the year comes to a close, response times may be delayed. Make sure to reach out to influencers early and be understanding if your collaboration proposal is denied or if an influencer takes a few days to get back to you. Because more brands have a demand for influencer generated content, brands may even see that influencers increase their typical creator fees during the holidays, so plan your budget according.

Host a holiday giveaway

Holidays are all about giving! Utilize this time of year by hosting a holiday-themed giveaway on Instagram. Not only are you promoting your product, but giveaways are an easy and effective way to increase your brand’s social followers and online engagement.

Partner with 10 influencers to promote a sponsored giveaway for their audience. Those who want to enter should be required to follow your brand and/or leave a comment on your page.

Use influencer marketing as a sales push for holiday kits

Most brands have promotions or bundle deals during the holidays. Utilize niche micro-influencers to promote your holiday products to their audience. Collaborate with 10-15 on-brand influencers on Instagram or Youtube who genuinely love your product and want to show their audience why it’s great for gifting.

Each influencer should post 2-3 staggered pieces of content. One before product launch, one when the product is available for purchase, and one right before the holidays. The initial YouTube video or Instagram post can be amplified through Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, or tweets.  This way you can target early shoppers as well as those who wait until the last minute.

Run an Instagram Story campaign

Instagram stories are highly engaging and easy to make content. Influencers may not have the time on their content calendars to create a full video or instagram-worthy photo for your campaign, so running an Instagram story campaign may be a great alternative.

Influencers with business accounts or verified accounts can also include swipe up links in their Instagram stories. These links take their followers straight to product a page, making holiday shopping even easier.

In conclusion, holiday campaigns can be some of the most engaging campaigns of the year. Utilizing influencers to is a great way to engage with consumers who may be overwhelmed with traditional holiday advertisements. Most consumers are in the market to shop but don’t know where to start. So, creating content that is authentic and speaks to their needs will work to your advantage.