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3 Health & Wellness Brands Making Influencer Marketing Glow

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Raise your hand if you own a smartphone. Keep it raised if you have at least one social media app that you rely on for product recommendations and ideas. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A growing 74% of consumers are influenced by social media to make purchasing decisions. This is especially true for consumers looking for products that supplement their health and wellness routines.

From adaptogens, jade rollers, acupuncture, probiotics for gut health, CBD, collagen and so much more, consumers are constantly questioning their own well-being and contributing to the $4.2 trillion industry by testing out the latest trend their favorite influencer swears by.

In this 4-part series, we’re looking into influencer marketing strategies specifically for health & wellness brands. In part one, we explored 4 influencer marketing best practices that we gathered after examining hundreds of successful collaborations on AspireIQ. Now, in part two, get ready, because we’ll be raving about three brands that have stood out in the wellness world for their amazing influencer marketing strategies.


TL;DR Orgain does a stellar job at positioning their brand as a way to improve anybody’s lifestyle and fitness journey. They highlight their products in Instagram posts and Instagram stories with children, mom’s, personal trainers, etc.

Orgain acknowledges that gaining control of your health isn’t a simple task. The brand encourages consumers from all backgrounds to get picky about what they put into their bodies. They have mastered how to attack health from all angles by targeting parents, kids, athletes, everyday gym goers, etc. In order to reach a diverse audience, Orgain partners with a variety of influencers from different industries in their #getpickywithyourprotein influencer campaign.

Because health has no specific demographic and thus has the potential for mass appeal, working with diverse influencers allows you to hyper-target various audiences. Orgain chooses to collaborate with influencers of different backgrounds so that the end-consumer can get the full spectrum of how their products can be implemented into any journey. From maintaining a fitness physique to embracing a complete health transformation to making sure your children are getting adequate clean protein, Orgain is able to source a staggering amount of content. This high-quality content accentuates each influencer’s lifestyle journey. Orgain realized the potential of using this content to scale their engagement rates by repurposing this IGC throughout their social media channels.


TL;DR iHerb crosses many oceans with their global health marketplace and does a remarkable job articulating their brand message to align with influencers across the world to support their localized audiences.

Read the full case study on iHerb’s awesome influencer marketing strategy.

iHerb is a health-conscious online retailer that carries over a thousand brands with a presence in more than 50 countries. Because of their worldwide presence, they partnered with AspireIQ to overcome the challenge of creating enough authentic content to serve dozens of unique markets and thus meet their content needs. This brand understands and values the importance of working with influencers who are educated in the space and can speak authentically to each niche market. See our blog post on why diversity matters for digital advertising.

With thoroughly outlined campaign terms, iHerb was able to foster and maintain strong relationships with influencers who were able to articulate their differentiators across the world. In a year’s timeline, iHerb completed 593+ collaborations without compromising its organic, profitable relationships.

And because animals’ well-being is just as important, iHerb boosts engagement by partnering with furry influencers and their humans.


TL;DR Ritual seals the deal with influencers with a smart, science-backed approach to market a product that might not otherwise be seen as so appealing – the multivitamin.

Ritual is very intelligent in the way they execute their influencer marketing. With an aesthetically pleasing product, a simple catchphrase (“Good looking science”), and a brand name that speaks for itself, Ritual stands out by emphasizing the importance of a daily routine for optimal well-being.

They achieve this by working with micro influencers whose routines are comparable to the everyday person. If you have anywhere from 800 followers to 180,000 followers, you have the chance to be featured on Ritual.

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In part three of this series, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about partnering with health & wellness influencers. Read it here!

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