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3 Fitness Brands Winning Influencer Marketing

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People turn to social media for fitness inspiration, whether it’s to find the best sweat-wicking activewear or to discover a new workout routine. It has become very difficult to scroll through Instagram without coming across at least one fitness-related post. As a matter of fact, there are over 180 million users of #fitness on Instagram.

To match this demand, fitness influencers have emerged on social media to serve up daily doses of motivation, inspirational stories, meal plans, and educational videos. And 62% of fitness brands have taken advantage of these authentic voices through the use of influencer marketing.

In this 4-part series, we’re looking into influencer marketing strategies specifically for fitness brands. In part one, we explored four influencer marketing best practices that we gathered after examining hundreds of successful collaborations on AspireIQ.

Now, in part two, we’ll be giving you your daily #fitspo with three fitness brands that have excellent influencer marketing strategies.


TL;DR YogaClub goes above and beyond to ensure the authenticity of their brand by repurposing influencer content on all of their marketing channels from product reviews, unboxing, and try-ons.

Read the full case study about YogaClub’s successful influencer marketing strategy.

YogaClub has mastered the “test and invest” method of influencer marketing. Although they first focused on being a yoga clothing brand and worked with yogi influencers, they soon found it effective to reach out to other fitness enthusiasts, mommy influencers, and those who love comfortable clothing.

Through this method, the YogaClub team was able to source more than 970 pieces of high quality and dynamic content featuring their products. They then realized that repurposing the content through their influencer marketing program was a scalable way to source content that portrays a diverse group of women in new locations and in a variety of outfits. The brand started featuring the images and videos on all branded marketing channels, including their website, email newsletters, and paid Facebook and Instagram ads.

The brand found that their audience resonated more with influencer content because it seems more authentic and is optimized for social media, unlike brand-directed content. For example, YogaClub sent blue leggings to an influencer with blue hair and gave her the creative freedom to showcase them. The influencer’s post received a ton of engagement on Instagram, mostly complimenting the pants.

Daily Burn

TL;DR Daily Burn collaborates with a diverse group of influencers who have different fitness goals. The company then repurposes their content on Facebook ads to hyper-target their desired audience.

DailyBurn is great at hyper-targeting their desired audience, whether that be for people who want to lose weight, those who are already active, or perhaps those who simply want to be healthier. The app provides quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts meant to demonstrate that you can work out anywhere, even if only for a few minutes in your day.

By working with a diverse group of influencers, including mommy influencers and lifestyle bloggers, the company was able to source content that was relatable for their many different audiences. Because they work with a wide variety of influencers, they were able to repurpose their content to hyper-target people with ads that resonate with them.

Check out the ad below targeting busy moms.

And another one targeting people who want to master HIIT workouts.


TL;DR Lululemon pushes the limits on establishing their brand identity through their ambassadors. Their ambassadors lead fitness classes, interact with customers, and participate in brand trips around the world, showing that Lululemon is a lifestyle.

You can’t talk about activewear and influencers without mentioning Lululemon. The brand has done an amazing job of establishing a clear brand identity and cult following by leveraging its group of brand ambassadors made up of yoga instructors, social influencers, and elite athletes. The ambassador program is an ongoing marketing tactic for the brand.

The brand ambassadors not only get to represent the well-loved activewear brand, but they also get the full brand experience. Ambassadors participate in global events and company trips, lead yoga classes and running groups, and interact with Lululemon stores and customers regularly. Some ambassadors even contribute to the brand’s design process, test its products, and provide feedback.

With all these privileges, who wouldn’t want to post about it on social media? Because influencers are so invested in the brand, Lululemon ambassadors frequently post about new products, trips, and classes without being required to by the brand—they’re showing off the brand as a lifestyle.

In part three of this series, we’ll inform you of everything you need to know about working with fitness influencers. Read it here.

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