2017 Year in Review

Tue Jan 09 2018
Terilyn Walker

Influencer marketing was on the radar of almost every marketer in 2017. What was once considered to be a trend has become an important part of nearly 90% of marketers’ strategies. That’s why we have been hard at work and improving our product in order to make the influencer marketing process run smoother for hundreds of brands.

This year, AspireIQ was laser focused on streamlining the influencer marketing process so that brands can connect with influencers, manage campaigns and analyze data at bigger scale than ever before. We will always be committed to this mission and promise to continually invest in new technology that makes this possible.

We’d like to thank all of our customers and the thousands of creative influencers for their commitment by taking a look back on amazing campaigns that they ran over the course of this year. 


In 2017, AspireIQ clients


To help everyone achieve their influencer marketing goals, we added dozens of awesome new features. These were some of our customers’ favorites of 2017.


Top features from 2017


Search/Connect v2

Find the perfect influencers with just a click of a button! Our new and improved search feature provides brands with even more data about content creators such as their demographics, brands the creator mentions, comment sentiment, engagement rate, related accounts, and more.



Image search

Ever find the perfect image, and want more just like it? You can now source more images in no time! Simply drag and drop an image and AspireIQ searches through over 500,000 influential profiles to find other images that are similar to what you’ve searched for. For more info, read the full blog post



FB Ads dashboard

Easily answer complex questions like “Which image and caption combination has performed best with women between ages 25-34 over the last week?” The new FB Ads dashboard analyzes your images and videos to see which perform best on your Facebook Ads by aggregating data seamlessly across audiences, demographics, and more.

This feature is in BETA testing, if you would like to gain access, contact us or sign up HERE



Favorites Lists

Each campaign requires a different type of influencer. Brands can now save creators into unique and organized lists based on things like location, gender, content type, and more. You can then start a new campaign and mass invite everyone from your favorites list with just a click.



Additional exciting features:

Mass Invite - allows brands to quickly invite groups of influencers to a campaign. You can mass invite your favorites list, influencers who are mentioning you, influencers who have worked with competitors (watch list), or even entire pages of search results, etc.

Google Drive integration for content - allows brands to share content with the rest of the team by syncing AspireIQ content to Google Drive alongside notes about usage rights.

Auto message - takes the heavy lifting out of influencer relationship management by allowing brands to trigger messages based on certain criteria. Read the full blog article

Creator review badges - lets brands give a creator a badge whenever they give a 5-star review to encourage fruitful long-term relationships.

and many more...


What’s coming in 2018?

2017 was great, but the growth doesn’t stop there! In 2018, we’re committed to showing brands that the true value of influencer marketing value lies within the content itself. We can’t wait to share all of the new features that make generating and testing large amounts of high-quality content easier!

Interested in getting a sneak peek at some of our beta features? Sign up HERE


Do you have any features that you’d love to see in 2018? Comment below or send us a message at [email protected]

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