2016 in Review

Wed Jan 11 2017
Kate Nguyen

2016 was an incredible year for influencer marketing. In search, the term continued its meteoric rise, 86% of marketers surveyed are now using it, and platforms like AspireIQ are more important than ever for coordinating all the activity.

As 2017 kicks off with a bang, we’d like to take a pause to look back at all of the amazing campaigns that our customers ran in 2016.

In 2016, AspireIQ was used to:

  • Deliver 20,000 posts

  • Generate $4.8 million of content value

  • Reach 530 million Instagram followers and 125 million Youtube subscribers through the world’s most influential creators

We’re incredibly grateful for everyone who played a part in this and we think it was possible because we’ve centered our mission around what we consider the three main pillars of our influencer marketing mission: to help you connect, manage, and analyze.


Influencing is all about meaningful, authentic connections between people, brands, and products. To help everyone achieve that, we added tons of great features over the past year:

  1. Direct Offer gave you the ability to humanize your outreach to creators with a personalized message and offer.

  2. Mentions helped you keep an ear to the ground by notifying you whenever a creator mentioned you on a social network, as well as an easy way to invite them to participate in a campaign.


As anyone familiar with influencer marketing knows, managing influencers can be an incredibly time-consuming process. With this in mind, we’ve invested heavily in helping operationalize our customers’ ability to run efficient influencer marketing programs at scale:

  1. Inbox List helped you see and sort details about relationships in a list-view.

  2. Creator Stage gave you an easy way to track where creators stood in the collaboration process.

  3. Product Shipment Tool helped you select and track shipments.

  4. Content Approval ensured that everything that went out was on-brand and on-message.

  5. Groups saved you time by organizing creators into custom groups to message them all at once.


The rise of the data driven marketer has been swift and absolute. If you’re not keeping a close eye on your most important KPIs, you risk being left far behind by your competition. To help you understand the impact of influencer content we added:

  1. Sales Tracking Pixel gave you crystal clear optics into the sales lift attributed directly to each creator.

  2. Competitor Watch Lists helped you see who was posting for your competitors, their overall social presence, and what content is performing best.

And it only gets even better from here! We’ve got a ton of great features coming to you in 2017 and we can’t wait to share them with you.

PS: Have product suggestions? Feel free to shoot an email to [email protected] with your latest suggestions!


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